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Copy of Year 7 Haunted House

Yr 7 Haunted House

Laura Buzzing

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Year 7 Haunted House

Haunted House Worksheet Lesson Objectives

We will be able to:
Describe Programme Music

We will strive to:
Use success criteria and understand how music
can make us feel. Lesson 1 Connection Demonstration Consolidation Lesson Objectives

All will be able to:
Compose our first Haunted House section

we will strive to:
Compose effectively in groups using
group protocols. Lesson 2 Connection Demonstration Consolidation Lesson Objectives

All wil be able to:
Compose our first Haunted House Section.

We will strive to:
Compose effectively using the musical elements. Lesson 3 Connection Demonstration Consolidation Lesson Objectives

All will be able to:
Complete section B of our composition.

We will strive to:
Create a contrast by changing the
musical elements. Lesson 4 Connection Demonstration Consolidation Lesson Objectives

All will be able to:
Complete their TERNARY form composition.

We will strive to:
Perform an atmospheric piece of music to
the class. Lesson 5 Connection Demonstration Consolidation Activation Activation Activation Activation Activation About the unit
Success criteria
Levels 1/ Get into groups of 4 or 5.
2/ Read the Haunted House story
on you worksheets.
3/ Plan you composition.
How will you change the musical elements for the different sections? Nominate a spooks-person
for your group.
Present to the class how you will be composing your music.
Complete your WWW & EBI Complete your WWW & EBI.
Listen to a group perform their
A section.
What is good about it?
How can they improve next week? Reflect on our work from today and complete your WWW? & EBI?

Include some of the key words we have used today! Complete the What Went Well?
and Even Better If?
Be specific.
Use musical terms in your notes.
Set a real target for next week. Listen to each group perform.
What Went Well?
Even Better If?
What level are they working for...
Performing? Ternary form... Listen to this piece of Programme
What animal is the composer describing? Why? We are going to compose Section B by using
a Drone and an Ostinato using the Keyboards! Listen to this piece of
programme music.

Draw a picture that you think fits to the music. Watch the video clip.
Why does the music match
the Haunted House theme? Remember, your composition must have...
- Contrasting sections (Ternary form)
- A clear melody (not just sound effects)
- The whole group involved Complete your composition.
Rehearse it over and over again
to improve the performance Success Criteria Reminder... Perform to the class... Watch & listen to these two clips.
Describe the scene. What happens next? Programme music...
is a piece of music for instruments which describes something or tells a story. Today we will compose in groups on
our A section.

Use the group composing sheets and write down the musical elements you
will use in this section... The piece of music is
Danse Macabre and describes
'Death' playing the violin to make
skeletons dance at Halloween. The
House We associate different types of
music with different events
and emotions.

By changing the musical elements
we can change the way people
feel about a piece of music. Compose responsibly
in your groups.
Remember the group
Be prepared to perform at
the end of the lesson. Re-read Section B of our
Haunted House Story... What sounds or musical
elements can we use that
would work well for Section B?? Drone Ostinato We are going to perform our Drone's
and Ostinato's to the rest of the class...

Listen out for any WWW's and EBI's! A drone is a long held note! An ostinato is a muscial repeated pattern! DRONE TERNARY FORM OSTINATO
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