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INF385S: Texas Historical Tour

No description

Andrea Cato

on 18 August 2011

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Transcript of INF385S: Texas Historical Tour

Texas Historical Tour INF385S: Digital Libraries Andrea Cato, Elly Stevens, Jessica Wood Be QR-ious with Google Droid What? building the collection Needs:
Existing data
Content about somewhere physical
Potential for building curated collection Solution:
Travis County historical marker data but ~400 markers! Challenge:
Develop meaningful set of markers
Clustered in the same direction?
Themes like graveyards or schools? Solution:
Austin Visitors Bureau's Historic Walking Tour
Congress Ave/6th Street Photos
Additional descriptions
Potential for added value obtaining permission Cheri Winterrowd, Director of Retail and Visitor Services
Jennifer Walker, Director of Marketing Communications
Daniel Alonzo, an archivist at the Austin History Center collecting content 19th century photos: AHC
Modern photos: HMDB
Marker text: HMDB
Brochure descriptions: City of Austin
Audio: created using marker text existing sites for similar content THC Atlas
Delaware Marker Project
HMDB.org temporarily managing content coding extravaganza HTML and CSS
Google Maps API (JavaScript) Technologies Used Functional Sketch Get phone's coordinates query nearby markers Save results in XML plot markers on map Geolocation options GPS, cell towers, Wifi networks
JavaScript: runs through several methods
Passes coordinates through URL
(map.php?lat=30.403930&lng=-97.750261) Find Nearby Markers PHP gets the coordinates from the URL
What are the 5 nearest markers to this point?
Fun with math and MySQL queries Save results in XML Organized way of passing information about markers from PHP (server-side) to JavaScript (client-side)
Use timestamp as filename to ensure uniqueness Google maps Draw map centered on phone
Read XML file, add markers
InfoWindows (one at a time) Why? mobile interfaces Mobile Devices
Pervasive Challenge:
Harness Capabilities
Location-based Services
Contexts Ubiquitous Computing
Changing Metaphors
Invisible Tools Implementations:
Mobile Guides
Games, Networking, Learning but digital libraries? Digital Libraries
Mobile Interfaces
Content Creation
Enhanced Metadata Why is mobile different? Small Display
User Differences
Method of Input field trip where? attribution, attribution, attribution a little of this and a little of that the good, the bad, and the ugly On the Move Standing Still Location-based
Navigational GoogleGoggles
QR codes
3rd-Party Application Location-based web application.
Harnesses the ubquitous nature of high-powered mobile devices.
Connects users with a rich, multi-media collection.
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