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programming c ++

No description

gergasi ketod

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of programming c ++

The result output is going be like this : Algorithm Description Codes and Result Introduction Muhamad Yusri bin Sapieh Output if click 1 Criteria Evaluation Faiz Akmal bin Azaman Main Menu Nur Atiqah binti Abdullah Sani Our Programming project is about “Employee Evaluate System”.

In our system, the evaluation based on 4 criteria such as personal attitude, personnel qualifications, attendance and working skill.

For personnel attitude the thing evaluation based on have responsibilities to their job, consistency in dealing with employees, communication skill with supervisors, communication skills with employees and paperwork complete on timely basis.

For the second criteria, personnel qualifications the thing evaluated base on appearance, personality and tact and courtesy.

In attendance criteria, the evaluation based on punctuality, record and notification.

Working skill criteria the evaluation based on understands all tasks of jobs, learn new task quickly, assists other workers when not busy and eager to learn more about job and business. Manual system
done manually by using the form
must calculate the marks manually to get the average
then, data stored and transfers the data into the computer system
when the evaluations do manually, they have many mistakes
high cost of buying paper and print assessment forms Analysis Manual system and Our system EMPLOYERS
SYSTEM Min hardware specification Siti Naquiyah bt Mohamad Nor Our system
employer is required to fill the evaluation form via online
criteria evaluation based on 4 categories like personnel attitude, personal qualifications, attendance and working skill
each categories rating evaluation is form 1 to 5 describe as unsatisfactory, fair, good, superior and outstanding
just click save button to record the data entered. Comparison manual system and our system The system is also able to prevent infringements and theft of information workers since the system is only used by the employer only. All data that has been entered will be saved to record employers

The manual system can still be used if the company does not have many employees and do not have the expertise in modern systems. We hope that through this system, we can assist countries in the development of IT systems in Malaysia CONCLUSION Output if click 2 Output if click 3 Members of group Fatinah binti Denan THE END Thank you for your attention
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