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Can I use connectives to structure my writing?

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Lucy Hinchliffe

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Can I use connectives to structure my writing?

Must: Understand where connectives are needed in your persuasive writing and what a connective is.

Should: Apply this in your own sentences and write an example persuasive paragraph.

Could: Analyse the persuasiveness of your paragraph and adjust the punctuation in your paragraph to make it more persuasive. Can I use connectives to structure my writing? Write what you think on your post-it note.

Write your name on it.

It doesn't matter if you're not sure!

Stick it on the board and tell me more if I ask you! What do you think a 'connective' is? A Connective is a word or phrase whose function it is to connect parts of sentences together. Definition: Connective I need 12 volunteers.

2 of you will be the parts of a sentence and 10 of you will be connectives.


You must decide which connective is the best fit to link the parts of the sentence. Play
Connectives... Copy the sentences into your books.

Underline the connectives in the sentences. Sit down! Must: Understand where connectives are needed in your persuasive writing and what a connective is. Check your
Learning Objectives 22nd January 2012 Extension: Think of an alternative connective for each of the connectives
you have underlined. It must make sense in your sentence! or What words am I talking about, then? You have two minutes to think of some connectives with your partner.Again, it does not matter if you're not sure! Use your connectives! Watch this video from
WWF telling you how you can help them save polar bears.

Write a paragraph to persuade the reader to help save polar bears.

YOU MUST use some of the connectives from our list, or the extra ones below to STRUCTURE your text. Extension:How could punctuation improve the persuasiveness of your work? Think about WHO you are persuading - you are talking to them. Replace full stops with punctuation which tells the reader how strongly you feel! Peer Assessment Swap books and mark your partner's work. Look at the connectives they have used. Can you make any suggestions for alternatives? USE A DIFFERENT COLOUR IF YOU HAVE ONE. Quiz Pack everything away.
As a class, we are going to come up with as many connectives as we can remember. I will pick with lollipop sticks! Extra Connectives: and
however Polar bears are dying in the Arctic because their habitat is melting. We can help WWF save the polar bears if we donate them some money.Two thirds of all polar bears will be extinct in fifty years' time unless we do something now!
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