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Night - ETHAN and CONNOR and cody.

You make a description.

Ellie Haberl

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Night - ETHAN and CONNOR and cody.

Looking at Night as a Symbol in Night. #1 "Night fell. There were twenty people in
our back yard. My father was telling them anecdotes and stuff." And this shows that everytime night falls, something really really bad is going to happen. And this symbolizes fear... "Night had fallen. That evening
we went to bed early. This is right before
they get
place. Night once again
signals something bad. "Night. No one prayed." Night is sooo bad... Close ReaDING:
NIGHT IS BAD AND and it signals some
bad things... Like people getting taken away and
people die and stuff. <--- This is what happens when night comes.
The world tears apart.
Hypothetically. This is Night if Night was Blue and
on Pandora Night is fear.
Night is not Confusion.
Night is not Anger.
Night is Fear.
....Well... maybe night is also confusion.
But... Night is mostly Fear. Night is a symbol for Mystery...
and is connected to the Holocaust
because ... by the time people get
what's going on, they still are
not too understandindindindidng
of what's really going on. And people can't "See" at night and they can't "See" what's
happening to them when they are getting taken away. Black: Unknown- The Mystery, the blackness that covers the bad.
Night is Black.
Night also has stars that might be 'glimpses of hope' or they
are just firey balls that mean only more hurt and they
are so far away that you know something bad
is going to happen
but it's so far away that it's hard to tell what it really is....
but it's actually a ball of death fire and means only pain and
suffering and but it when it not us it's not a Pretty Star...
ITS DEATH ahhhhh hahahah Koala Bear. END.
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