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Priority Schools Teacher Librarian Initiative

Achieving Success Together Through Our School Library Programs!

Kim Salierno

on 13 February 2012

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Transcript of Priority Schools Teacher Librarian Initiative

Achieving Success Together
Through Our School Library Programs! "A strong library media program in a school is an essential component in a rich educational experience." D.V. Loertscher, OLA Summit on School Libraries, Toronto, May 2002 "In schools with well-stocked, well-equipped school libraries, managed by qualified and motivated professional teacher-librarians working with support staff, one can expect:
Capable and avid readers;
Learners who are information literate;
Teachers who are partnering with the teacher-librarian to create high-quality learning experiences.
Standardized scores tend to be 10 to 20% higher than in schools without this investment." K.C. Lance & D.V. Loertscher.
Powering Achievement:
School Library media programs make a difference:
The evidence 2nd ed., 2003 "The school library and teacher-librarian play a critical role in promoting a love of reading. Research indicates that attitude towards reading is a key indicator of student success." S. Krashen. The Power of Reading, 2nd Ed. 2004 Collaboration with Teaching Staff Enhancing Learning Through the Use of Technology Building Reading Literacy Teaching Research and Information Skills Forest of Reading Programs Web 2.0 Applications
Word Clouds
Message Boards Family Literacy Events Add Kim, Shelley & Cathy's Video Clips here Software Applications
Smart Notebook
Destiny Library Manager
First Class Ed.
Comic Life
Bitstrips for Schools Alternative Text Formats
Online Book Sites Four Stage Research Model Online Research Strategies Digital Citizenship Online Safety Co-planning & Co-teaching
Literature Circles
Nelson Literacy Units Literacy lesson modelling from professional books
Comprehension Connections
Reading Power
Reality Checks Supporting of PLCs and TLCPs Supporting teachers with technology Participating in Netbook project Providing information sessions for staff Schools without trained library staff tend to have lower achievement on grade 3 and grade 6 EQAO reading tests, both in terms of average achievement and attaining Level 3 or higher. Queen's University Study, 2006
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