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Cool Comfort

round one. .. .

Greta Pelaez Heredia

on 9 September 2011

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Transcript of Cool Comfort

Well.... 12 3 6 9 12 3 6 9 zzzzZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZ T H A N K Y O U ! > > Can't sleep at
night?? We are the COOL COMFORT GIRLS Working for the company Distribution Pharmac Purpose of our presentation Showing you what we have done for our DRM campaign, our results and our strategic plan for the future TODAY'S AGENDA Demonstration of Cool Comfort and its target market
Testimonies of our guests Mrs Aurelie and Mrs Greta about Cool Comfort
Strategic plan: budget and timeline by Farrah and Georgia PRODUCT PROFILE CoolComfort: a pad placed on a sleeping surface that absorbs human heat.

Product benefits:
- Fresh sleeping (may reduce insomnia)
- May reduce body pain

Distribution channel: B to B
- Linen Chest, Au Marche du Lit INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Industry: pharmaceutical mattress pad


- Direct competitors: Climson,
CoolCoziness, Outlast, Cool-or-Heat
Sleep Pad,etc.

- Indirect competitors Coolcomfort offers similar function/benefit, but with lower/affordable price.

Some of the competitors’ targets are different from CoolComfort (i.e. athletes)

Can take a First Mover Advantage;
- None of the competitors are well known
in the market yet.
- We will need an aggressive marketing
strategy. PRODUCT POSITIONING A pad that absorbs body heat during sleeping Pleasant fresh nights that creates healthy lives TARGET MARKETS GOALS & OBJECTIVES Long term goals and objectives
-To be a market leader in the industry.
-To have a 40% of the market share.

Short term goals and objectives
-To gain 20% of awareness of the target
market in the following year of the DRM
-To make 10% of the target who have been
aware of the product try (buy) it in the
following year of the DRM campaign HOT FLASHES Hot flashes, a common symptom of menopause, are typically experienced as a feeling of intense heat with sweating and rapid heartbeat, and may typically last from two to thirty minutes for each occurrence.

Hot flashes are one of the first symptoms to appear in pre-menopausal women and they can last for as long as five years after the last menstrual cycle. 80% to 90% of North American women experience hot flashes on a daily basis during menopause “severe hot flashes are strongly associated with chronic insomnia in midlife women.” SOCIAL MEDIA TO CONTINUE OUR DRM CAMPAIGN High Body temperature target market: posting articles and reviews on our blog, forums, twitter facebook and advertising the product on YouTube.

Cheaper alternative to A/C: advertising the product on facebook, twitter and on the blog.

Menopause women: Continue to create awareness on blogs and health forums CONCLUSION BUDGET Internet Advertisement
Facebook Banners ALL YEAR = $16,800

Print Advertisement
Chatelaine (Quebec) ALL YEAR = $66,000
Canadian Living (Qc and On) 4 MONTHS = $72,000

Display Advertisement (Kiosks)
Carrefour Laval 3 MONTHS = $4,500
Galleries D'Anjou 3 MONTHS = $4,500
Fairview Pointe-Claire 3 MONTHS = $4,500
Kiosks wage costs 9 MONTHS= $47,928

TOTAL cost for secondary advertising: $216,228 People with high body temperature

Cheaper Alternative to A/C

Menopause women Any questions???
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