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Slave Quilts

The origin, religious nature, and resistance associated with the manufacture of slave quilts.

Lisa Wilson

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Slave Quilts

Slave Quilts The Tale of a Silent Griot Origin of Slave Quilting Sacred Roots The Silent Resistance Religion Preserved Through a Stitch Textural Rhythms - African Uses- Clothing, Shelter, and Funerary Shrines
- Predominantly Masculine duty, the roles changed when the Africans Reached America
- Myth- The art of quilting was stolen from the slaves Mistress Indicative African American Weaving Traits
- Syncopated lines, no Straight or Broken lines
- Improved patterns; Asymmetrical
- Applique
- Bold Colors
Invisible and Visible quilts
Purpose of design- Stories, Diaries, Historical Accounts, Birthday, Family Lineage, Biblical Stories, and Proverbs - Special Treatments
- African Cosmology and Mythology
- Superstitions - Preserved African Heritage,Existences, and Sanity
- Quilting Bees
- Obtaining Freedom
- Underground Railroad/ Secret Codes
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