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Marketing Project: Ray Ban

No description

Nicole Tester

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Marketing Project: Ray Ban

Weaknesses Threats New trends
young market
large evends and product launches Opportunities Technology
Large Market Strength mass production
lack of quality
lack of exclusivity excessive cannibalism
designer labels
SWOT analysis external variables Economy Social Structure Competition over pricing
consumer confidence
careful pricing strategy never-hide campaign
generations Y and Z cannibalism
designer brands Technology increased UV protection
mirrorred lenses
strengthened frames Target Market Background Place Demand
Pull=Ray-Ban advertising directly to consumers
push=stores specifically advertise ray-bans rayban.com
geared towards younger segment
younger people tend to shop online
brand loyal segment because they shop directly from Ray-ban
Ray-Ban was created in 1936 by bausch and lomb History Now owns 35 brand names in eyewear

Continuously expanding

2007 of luxottica's 6000+ stores sell ray-ban Well known and successful company

Holds a large share in the global eyewear market 13-24 35-5 25-50 Three Segments Most brand loyal
Want innovated versions of the classical looks Young Professionals
seeking Style and class youngest and most impressionable Perceptual
Map Product
introduced in 1952
two different uses
embraced because of the innovative plastic style
took off after "Risky Business" Marketing
Mix Aviators
originally meant for pilots
got name from shape
general douglas mcarthur Wayfarer
-Aviator - Shooter
-Balorama - Wayfarer
-Cats - Caravan
-Clubmaster - Olympian
-Outdoorsman - Ultra Wayfarer
-Predator - ultra caravan
-Signet Product
Variety Ray-bans are fashion items Life Cycle Price Promotion campaigns and success
1. not just about the entire brand
2. conistant communication
3. entertaining commercials
4. not just about the product reaching target market
the end of the war
the 90's
jr. collection
rare prints Methods
product placement
word of mouth
innovative ads situation
analysis Ray-Ban mkt 201 Danielle Chin
alexander herzing
claybrin mcmath
jessica pagonis
Nicole Tester questions? original purpose: to protect airforce pilot's eyes In 1999 Luxottica bought Ray-Ban ranges from 100-150 dollars
dg from 135-180 dollars
versace from 220-250 dollars
impact on pricing coupons
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