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key features of fact

No description

casper mayes-adams

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of key features of fact

Key features of moving images
key features of factual
Key Features of Fiction
Bad education
Bad education is comedy on BBC Three starring Jack Whitehall. The Program is set in a school and is about the main character Alfie Wickers (Jack Whitehall) and how he gets on there. The program is shown at 9 o clock on a Tuesday night.
Target audience
The target audience of Educating Yorkshire is teenagers, young adults and also parents. Teenagers and young adults may watch it for comedy purposes and parents might watch it to gain an insight into what a modern school is like. The time that it is on shows that it is targeted towards older people because of the bad language in the show.
Educating Yorkshires purpose is to entertain and also to inform about what life is like in a school. It also has elements of comedy in it.
Educating Yorkshire is a fly on the wall documentary about a school in Yorkshire it is on at 9 o clock on a Thursday night.
Educating Yorkshire
The purpose of ' The Fried Chicken Shop' is to Entertain their are many comedy moments throughout the TV program.
Target audience
The target audience is younger people from the ages of 15-35 this is because they can relate to the scenes in the show. Whether it is the school kids who enter the shop after school or the adults who go in after a night out.
The fried chicken shop is a fly on the wall documentary about a fried chicken shop in Clapham, London and what goes on inside it. it is shown on channel 4 at 9 o clock on a Monday.
The Fried Chicken Shop
The purpose of Bad Education is clearly to entertain its viewers. This is because of its constant comedy moments all the way through its shows. The show also stars actors that started off their careers as comedians such as Jack Whitehall.
Target Audience
Bad education is clearly aimed at teenagers and maybe very young adults. This is because of of the time it is on ,9 o'clock, which shows that it is not for children because of the bad language. The channel it is on also shows that it is targeted for a younger age as programs on BBC Three normally are.
Educating yorkshire addresses national issues as there are millions of people in school all across the country that can relate to what is shown in this fly on the wall documentary. The fact that it is a fly on the wall documentary means that the students may have changed their normal behaviour as they were aware cameras are there
The fried chicken shop is a fly on the wall documentary meaning that the cameras see everything that is going on. there is also a handful of person to person interviews with the staff and customers this would be to get more information from them to te reader. This makes the audience feel like they are involved with the shop, also giving them the feeling that they are in a place that they should not be.
Editing: the editing in educating yorkshire is varied throughout the show when it is a sad part the editing is very slow t put emphasis on this and when it is a happy part it is the other way around. also when their is a fight or argument the editing can be faster. This editing is used to make the audience feel a certain way towards the students portraying them in different ways.
The genre and style of the show is one that the watcher will be used to as it is in the same place each week with the same character but just a different story every week.this makes the watcher feel that they are at home when they are watching the show and that they can return to watch it each week.
Use of stars
there is only one big star int this show most of
the other characters are not very well known.
This means that the watcher can concentrate and
talk about this character as he is the main character of the show the producers want him to be the centre of attention.
Eastenders is a soap opera based around a square in East
London. Its setting is a ficional town called walford there
are multiple characters each with a different sub plot going
on in their life
Use of stars
There are no major stars in eastenders like most soap operas. This is so that the audience only know the actors
their characters in Eastenders. For example if a eastenders
star was shown in another program most people would only know them as there name in the show. This in turn makes the actors seem very familiar almost as if the viewers know them. We are supposed to relate to the characters in the story line so we will feel familiar with the situations and be more interested in how they end.
The way that Eastenders is shot makes the audience
feel that they are involved in the characters life.
This is another way in which the show makes viewers
feel that they know the characters. This is used in a similar way to how reality shows like celebrity big brother get views. Viewers are generally quite nosy so the fact that Eastenders is shot like this makes the viewers want to come back to the show.
BBC News
BBC is a show show on BBC 1 everyday. The fact that
it is on BBC is significant because the BBC is publicly owned meaning that it should have no bias.
The purpose of the news is to inform its watchers on
what is going on in the world. It
The setting of the news is very formal this is because
of the type of information they are delivering. It would be
inappropriate to report about death in an informal manner.
When the news is introduced they say good evening almost as if they are coming into the house of the viewer.
Reporters are shown to be in a position of power by sitting behind a desk and wearing a suit and tie this so that the viewers will listen to what they say almost like a teacher.
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