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Postmodernism in music videos

No description

Matt Higgins

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Postmodernism in music videos

By Matt Higgins Postmodernism in Music videos The Techniques of Postmodernism How can this video be seen to be Postmodern? Analysis of the Video Postmodernism can be expressed visually via the presence of postmodern techniques. These techniques can include many of the following.

Hyper consciousness
Narcissism In my opinion this video is postmodern this is because it seems to incorporates boardrillard's idea of hyper-reality. This is because the video appears to continually cut from Jessi as a school girl to Jessi grown up. This in my opinion depicts postmodernism as no distinction is made between them. by this i mean how the progression of time is conventional depicted with some kind of effect. The lack of this effect confuses the audiences and makes them question which part of the video in real time. in other words, is the young Jessi a flashback or is the grown up jessi a product of the young jessi's imagination. This in turn creates postmodern irony because none of what we are watching is actually real. In this video we can clearly see that the singer is playing multiple, highly stereotypical characters as well as herself. This demonstrates hyper consciences as it reminds the viewer that what they are watching is not real. Video Analysis Postmodernism can be expressed through a wide variety of Medias, one of which are music videos. However as is the case with many other outlets of postmodernism, it is not always clear which are and which are not postmodern. This is because there is no real consensus of to what postmodernism actually means. Therefore any postmodern labels attached to a text are merely a reflection of personal choice.

One example of a music video that I believe is postmodern or at least appears to be influenced by the subject is the video for "Who's Laughing Now" by the artist Jessi J.
Introduction .... The Music Video
( Who's Laughing Now ) Intertextual References .... Hyper Reality .... Hyper conscience .... This shows what I believe to be an intertextual reference to the film mean girls. This is mainly because of the choice of pink clothes and the way they are presented. In addition bugs bunny is also referenced durring the lyrics of the song Narcissism .... Furthermore the presence of these characters may also show narcissism. As they appear to over exagerate thier self image Playfullness ... This theme is very evident in this video and Because of this many funny and unusual situations have been created. Examples ..... Parody .... In addition this scence may also be a reference to the media and celebrity status - possibly steming from lyotards idea of a media dominated society. Furthermore this idea of celebrity status is also a grand narrative. However if this is correct it also shows postmodern irony as jessi is a celebrity herself. If you look closely many sources of parody imerge. For example the video parodies the school. This is done by over stereotyping it and the staff. In addition it also parodies bullies by spreying them with foam. However ..... How is this video not Postmodern? The video does not appear to borrow from any other form of media. The video does not openly copy previous examples There isn't as many intertexual references as you would expect from of postmodern text There is a break down of the fourth wall but this is more a convention of music videos generally Bricologue Pastiche Intertexuality Breaking down the fourth wall There's no Nostalgia The End
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