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Good Ship Case Management

Presentation for PAACE

Patricia Capito

on 9 December 2011

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Transcript of Good Ship Case Management

This group came together under four premises:

1. With funding now nonexistent for case management, and thus limited cm services available by a designated agency case manager, it has become imperative that all practitioners become aware of and more adept at their role as a case manager.

2. While there is sufficient literature regarding case management, each agency must identify information from research or articles that can be implemented or adapted in order to be implemented in its unique program.

3. Agencies with common resources can benefit from each other.

4. Good case management leads to goal achievement, in particular to persistence resulting in EFL gains and transition to post secondary educational opportunities.

1.List of publications
2.Scott Fennell, “Case Management, Real Life, Real Application” Training for 34 practitioners of participating agencies,
3.Lorraine Bucklin, Workforce Consultant, NWPDC
4.Joy Zamierowski, NWPDC Coordinator, report from Rhode Island Transition Conference.
Good case management leads to learner persistence and therefore goal attainment.
Set time to establish relationships
Good Ship
Case Management
se Management

207.4 Student Retention Programs must employ a variety of strategies to promote student retention in order to ensure that students participate in the program long enough to reach their goals.
e Management
Get all practitioners involved.
"Case Manager" sounds like it is someone tending to documents, therefore, we prefer "Navigator" even though it is a bit corny. Ultimately, we see ourselves as mentors, coaches, guides and teachers all in one. Our mission is to provide information, support, and encouragement to help adult learners move forward with their lives.
Have Files Premade
Develop your own interview personality
Develop a routine for recording case notes
Introduce learners to careers and post secondary education providers
Develop familiarity with local social services
205.3 Case Manager. The Case Manager will have training in educational counseling and attend periodic case management professional development courses. The Case Manager should be a full-time position. Services should be made available at flexible times to meet participants’ needs, including during class hours. Case management should be available to all students enrolled in adult education programs. The duties include, but are not limited to, participating in program orientation, reviewing goals and analyzing assessments, coordinating with intake specialist and instructor, making referrals to other community resources/agencies, assisting with addressing barriers to attendance, such as childcare and transportation; assisting with transitioning to workforce or postsecondary education/training; and documenting counseling activities and hours.
Why case management?
Because good case management leads to student retention and, therefore, goal attainment.
Empower learners
Greater Erie Community Action Committee City of Erie School District Intermediate Unit 5 Stairways Adult Education
Good Ship
Case Management
**Professional Wisdom
**Application to Practice
Very different:
case management
ABLE Agencies
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