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ThisTech - Overview - June 6th 2013


Pitch Kitchen

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of ThisTech - Overview - June 6th 2013

High Performance
Real Time
Dynamic Ad Insertion
Alternate Content Delivery
SpotLink Router
Alternate Content Delivery System
SpotLink Data Boundary
Manager Module
"How do I ensure open choice of
campaign managers?"
"How do I author and distribute metadata for my video assets and ads?"
"How do I use my broadband ad server
to manage DAI?"
"How do I manage data that I share
with my programming partners?"
"How do I centrally manage blackouts across multiple platforms?"
"How do I manage placement opportunities for DAI?...
Across multiple systems, geographies and video applications?
The SpotLink Router routes inventory to the appropriate ad decisions system.
Creates an abstraction layer between advertising inventory and ad decisions systems.
Allows operators to run multiple, parallel SCTE 130 and VAST compliant systems.
Allows operators to use different decision systems for local and national inventory.
Configurable classification, rules & policy enriched by Placement Opportunity (PO) and content metadata.
Provides transparency in operations, monitoring and reporting.
VAST-compliant broadband ad servers to dynamic ad insertion platforms.
Open platform.
No integration issues; employ multiple insertion management systems.
Seamlessly connects existing broadband campaign manager to SCTE 130 architecture.
Save money & streamline operations. SpotLink enables you to use existing, proven equipment and processes.
SpotLink Data Boundary Manager Module allows MSOs to apply strategy and policy to their data flows.
Enables the flow of audience and session data to external ad serving solutions.
SCTE-130 compliant. Manages data flows between any SIS and and ADS.
Enables local ad sales teams with differentiated data access.
Creates premium data offerings for national inventory owners.
Secures your data from unauthorized distribution.
Alternate Content Delivery System enables MVPDs and programming networks to configure, manage and control alternate content events in IP and QAM-based environments.
Manage schedules for blackout events.
Supports the ability to dynamically insert ads within the alternate content stream
Operationally efficient, independent system.
Full ESNI support.
Supports IP and QAM delivery platforms.
MetaMore is a metadata storage and distribution engine sourcing metadata and content availability status for entertainment and advertising assets
Edit content metadata for every platform you support with easy to use web-based tools.
Easily create metadata for episodic content and ad copy.
Operationally efficient, independent system.
Manage translations from CableLabs 1.1 and 3.0 formats.
Advanced Signaling Interfaces.
SpotBuilder is the most advanced multiplatform inventory management solution.
Manage your advertising inventory by content, context, partner, or platform.
Template-based operation offers ease of use and a high degree of flexibility.
Independent solution eliminates vendor lock.
Open. Supports any SCTE 130 compliant POIS engine.
Supports linear and non-linear platforms.
Unifies ad inventory across all video applications.
SpotLink VAST Modules
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