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Jalapeno Cheetos

Product Packageing

Ashley Millar

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Jalapeno Cheetos

Jalapeno Cheetos The cheetos package is to help protect the product from damage and contamination, because if the bag were to be opened either in the store or while being shipped the consumer would not by the cheetos because the cheetos may be contaminated and the packaging is obviously damaged. The cheetos packages are made to hold the product together and are sealed to prevent spillage and loss Cheetos packageing includeds its popular logos as shown above, the Cheetos and the tiger which appeals to kids. On the front of the package shows a picture of the product inside. the package also includes all the nutrition facts and when the product should best be sold by. The product is shipped in boxes, which allows easy transportation of the product. Allow the shape of the package doesnt allow much room for stacking, on shelf the are set up on in front of the other so that you can still easily see what the package is.
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