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4.02 Folk and Pop Culture

No description

Anna Wellen

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of 4.02 Folk and Pop Culture

4.02 Folk and Pop Culture
After carefully analyzing the shows, I believe that a large amount has changed since the 1950's. For example, men are portraied as weak or incompentent in the recent years of entertainment. For example in the show, Modern Family, the father is attempting to intimidate his daughter's significant other, but he ends up injuring his back and is portrayed as a complete idiot, but in the Cosby Show and I Love Lucy, men are protraied as loving fathers, or dependable husbands. Our culture however has remained somewhat similar, considering the fact that every generation has siginificantly changed from the previous one. For example, we still have "sitcoms" that portray the American culture and family life.
The Cosby Show & Modern Family
I Love Lucy & the Brady Bunch
By: Anna Wellen
How do television shows reflect the way of life for American families? Give concrete examples from each show that demonstrate the popular culture of the time. This can include any of the following examples: forms of entertainment, fashion or what was considered appropriate dress, music, fads, homes, food, education, sports, daily routines, means of communication, and popular sayings or phrases.
The first movie clip is from the famous show "I Love Lucy". It was filmed in the 1950's. The program shows a good representation of the common type of style worn by the people living in the 1950's. For example, the man that stumbled into the restaurant was wearing a suit with a beige coat, fedora hat, and leather shoes. Ricky was wearing a collered white shirt and his wife was wearing a black dress with polkadots and a large white collar. This styles like these were common in the fifties. The second clip is from the popular show "The Brady Bunch". It was filmed in the 1970's. It shows aproper representation of what a family was like in the 1970's. For example, the mother wants her daughter to feel pretty, so she asks her daughter's friend his opinion. It shows that families in the 1970's cared and "looked-out" for each other. The third clip is from "The Cosby Show". It was filmed in the 1990's, but is based off the late 1980 style. "The Cosby Show" shows the type of entertainment that wsa popular in the late 1980's through the 1990's. The show is funny, because it is clean humor, that many fathers use while teaching their children to drive. The final clip is from "Modern Family". I believe that it shows the way teenagers communicate with parents, but I do not believe that this properly depicts fathers around the country.
Based on your analysis of the shows, how has popular culture changed over time? What has remained the same?
What role do you think television plays in the transmission of popular culture? How have TV shows affected pop culture in the United States and elsewhere?
How do television shows reflect the influence of globalization? Provide examples from the clips that show the influence of cultural exchange of different cultures on U.S. society or the impact of U.S. society on other cultures?
Television plays an important role in American culture. It has the potential to alter style, humor, and even the way people perceive their country. The show "I Love Lucy" was an international success. It stressed the idea that marriage is great, and that humor is necessary to sustain it. The 1950's was very similar to this, the American people were happy, World War Two had ended and the entire globe needed something wholesome and funny, therefore "I Love Lucy" was a massive success. It allowed messages to be spread on a wider scale than ever before.
In the clip from "I Love Lucy", the Ricardo's reastaurant is named "A Little Bit of Cuba", but they are serving hamburgers, which is not a Cuban food. This shows America's impact on other countries such as Cuba. Another example of globalization is from "The Cosby Show", when Bill Cosby's wife reaches into the refrigerator and grabs a Coca-Cola. Yum, refreshing! As we all know, Coca-Cola is a soft drink that is served in nearly every country in the world. Globalization allows people with ideas to rapidly spread those ideas to the entire world.
The End!
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