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alejandro vazquez

on 18 March 2014

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Number of Players
A competitive basketball team has a total of ten players, having five players on the court and five on the bench to switch in at any time during the game.
A player scores when he/she successfully throws the ball into the basket from above.
Two points are gained when the ball is shot from inside the three-point line, while three points are gained when the ball is shot from outside of this line. Additionally, one point is gained when a free throw shot is made.
A violation is when a rule of basketball is broken by a team. This results in the opposite team getting the ball. There are few different other ways to get a violation.
"Traveling" is committed when a player takes more than two steps while holding the ball.
A "double dribble" is committed when a player stops dribbling and then starts again.
A "carry" is infracted when you twist your hand to the bottom of the ball while in contact with it.
A foul is an illegal action committed by on player of a team unto a player of the opposite team. As basketball is for the most part a non-contact sport, any contact past what is deemed appropriate or that gives a team an unfair advantage is a foul. There are two types of fouls.
The first is a defensive foul. This is when an offensive player is fouled by a defensive player, such as id they push, trip, or strike them.
The second kind is an offensive foul. This is when an defensive player is fouled by an offensive player. This can happen if a player on offense infracts a foul while charging into a defender.
Thank you for watching!
The center is usually the tallest player on the team. They are positioned near the basket.
Forwards are medium-sized players who operate under the hoop and in the corners of the court.
Guards are the shortest players whose main purpose is to move the ball up and down the court.
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