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Island of the white spear!

No description

maegh greaves

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of Island of the white spear!

Main Series of Events.
Series one
Series two
Series three
Series Five

Series four
Island of the White Spear!
The stranger that Carlo saw threatens to shoot Carlo and Nicola.
Lee sneaks out from the cave and knocks the man out with a rock.
Chapter 6 (P) 66-67
Chapter 7 (P) 71-76
Chapter 7 (P) 72-76
Chapter 8 (P) 82-85
The man that Lee knocked out woke and began to chase them.
While they were running, because of fear they lost track and separated.
Chapter 11 (P) 110-114
Lee finds Carlo
Lee shows Carlo the ancient paintings which is kind of like the map.
They find that there is no treasure
Carlo spotted men at the bottom of the ledge.
Carlo tells Nicola to go and get Lee from the cave
Lee is still coming out of the cave.
Carlo,Nicola distract him.
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