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Copy of The Mighty Miss Malone

No description

Allyson Munoz

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Mighty Miss Malone

After searching for their lost dad, Roscoe is finally found at a poorhouse. The family reunites and heads back home or like the Malones would say " to a place called Wonderful!"
The theme of the story is family should always stay together through tough times. That is exactly what the Malone family while going through The Great Depression."We are a family on a journey to a place called Wonderful." That is the motto of the Malone family,
The Malone family going through The Great Depression. Living in a poor and dull town like Gary where there is countless amount of jobs and low paychecks, doesn't give them much choices but to take risks to keep their family together.
The Malone family is made up of four. Roscoe Malone,the dad,Peggy Malone,the mom.Then, there's Deza Malone and her brother Jimmie Malone.
The story is written in first person.
The Mighty Miss Malone
The story takes place during The Great Depression, the years 1929-1939. The story starts in Gary,Indiana and then moves to Flint,Michigan.
Character Traits
The main character of the story is Deza Malone.Deza is a very strong and brave person,she goes through a lot in the story.Deza also has an impressive talent in school; she is extremely intelligent.
By: Christopher Paul Curtis
Make a connection
Deza Malone, the main character of the story,is very smart. Not to mention,how much she enjoys going to school. She also loves writing stories. Just like me, she enjoys going to school and I get good grades just like her. I can really relate to how she lives her life as a student.
Authors Purpose:
To entertain
Authors Message:
Point of View:
The authors message is family and survival. The Great Depression is a very sad and depressing time to remember.The author decribes about those hard times.
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