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Mia, Jemma and Toby's Beanie Kid Collection!

This is a presentation on "Mia, Jemma and Toby's Beanie Kid Collection!". I hope that you unexperienced Beanie lovers learn about these amazing bears! Enjoy!!

Jemma Williams

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of Mia, Jemma and Toby's Beanie Kid Collection!

Mia, Jemma and Toby's Beanie Kid Collection!
Created By Mia and Jemma.
This is Smokey the Dragon Bear. Jemma and Toby both have Smokey in Beanie Kid. Toby got his from an Op Shop and Jemma got hers from hard garbage. Jemma's Smokey has a scratched nose, oh well! Mia, Jemma and Toby love hunting for unloved Beanie Kids in hard garbage and giving them a new, cleaner life!
This is Ash the Cuddles Bear.
Both Mia and Jemma have her
and they have her as a beanie kid.
She was recently released as a
Cuddly Kid. Jemma got Ash for her
birthday from Mia and Mia got her for Christmas. Mia, Jemma and Toby love receiving beanie kids and never mind what state they are in!
This is Aloha the Hawaiian Bear. Mia and Jemma have Aloha. Mia has Aloha in Tiny Beanie Kid and Jemma has Aloha in Beanie Kid. Mia got Aloha for her birthday, as for Jemma, this was her 1st Beanie Kid! She got Aloha from an Op Shop for $5, wow! That's a bargain for a great bear!
This is Fifi the poodle bear.
Mia and Jemma both have Fifi. Mia has Fifi in Giant Great Big Kid and Jemma has Fifi in Beanie Kid. Jemma's Fifi only has 1 ear, oh no! Mia got hers 2nd hand for $20. Jemma got Fifi from her Nanna who got it from a local Op Shop. Mia, Jemma and Toby love hunting for Beanie Kids in Op Shops with Nanna!

This is Sprinkles the Easter Bunny Bear.
Jemma has Sprinkles in Beanie Kid. Jemma got him for Easter, how cute?!
In April, Mia, Jemma and Toby started collecting
the Snuggle Bugs! They are Redemption Bears that were only available in January to July. The first Snuggle Bug they got was Zippie (the Red Snuggle Bug) which Mia got to have. Then Toby got Buzzie (the Yellow Snuggle Bug) and next Jemma got Zingie (the Purple Snuggle Bug). After a while, Mia decided that she would buy Fizzie (the Hot Pink Snuggle Bug) which came with a special book that included beanie kids that were coming soon. Then in June Mia got Tickle (the light pink one) before the snuggle bugs ended. At the end of July when the Snuggle bugs had finished, Jemma, Toby and Mia were all very excited to see what redemption bears were coming next and when it was reveled they found out that they were Flutter Bugs! Butterfly versions of the Snuggle Bugs! So Far Mia has got Zippie and Fizzie but they have not yet got enough codes to get the rest.
This is Growl the Grizzly Cub Bear. Mia has Growl in Beanie Kid. Mia bought him with Jemma. Growl is spanking brand-new!
Mia's All-time Favourite Beanie
Kids are Meow Meow the Farmer Cat
Bear and Woof Woof the farmer Dog Bear.
This is because Mia has a Pet named Saffy who
is a cat and she looks just like Meow Meow. And Mia used to have a dog named Bessie who used to look just like Woof Woof. And the best part is that Woof Woof and Meow Meow are in the same collection of beanie Kids along with Moo Moo and Neigh Neigh the Farmer Cow and Horse Bears.
This is Angela the School Formal Girl. Jemma has Angela in Beanie Kid. Jemma got Angela from Nanna for her birthday!
This is Achy the Bear.
Jemma has Achy in
Beanie Kid. She got
him for her birthday
from a friend who
used to own him,
how nice? But he looks a bit injured!
This is Gemma the Giraffe Bear. Mia has Gemma in Cuddly Kid and Beanie Kid. Mia got the Cuddly kid version for her birthday and the Beanie Kid version from the shop. It was the last one!
This is the Rainbow Collection.

Mia has
Cherry (red),

Pumpkin (orange),

Citrus (yellow),

Clover (green),

Sapphire (blue),

Indigo (indigo),

Violet (purple) and

Amethyst (pink).
This is Chuckles the Clown Bear. Toby has Chuckles in Beanie Kid. Toby got Chuckles from an Op Shop with Nanna. Chuckles always makes Toby laugh!
This is Bamboo the Panda Bear. Toby has Bamboo in Beanie Kid size. Toby got Bamboo from the same Op Shop as Chuckles. Bamboo is so fluffy and cute!
Beanie Town!
This is Mia the Angel
Bear. Mia owns Mia in
Beanie Kid size. Haha,
Mia and Mia! Well they
both are angels!
This is Sir Hops A Lot. Mia has Sir
Hops A Lot in Beanie Kid size. Mia got him when she was younger because she was brave when she had her first blood test. Sir Hops A Lot is so fluffy and cute! Look at that little blue bow!
This is Sparkleigh the
Cat Bear. Mia has Sparkleigh in Beanie Kid size. Sparkleigh used to be white but she slept in some purple clothes and got put in the wash, oh no! But look how sparkley Sparkleigh is now!
This is Zaidee the
Rainbow Poncho Bear. Mia has Zaidee in Beanie Kid size. This bear was made in favour of Zaidee because she donated her organs at a very young age. Mia, Jemma and Toby all have Zaidee's rainbow shoelaces.
Kitty the Cat Bear is a very cute cat! Mia loves
cats and has Kitty in Tiny Beanie Kid and Beanie Kid. When Mia was in year 4, they had a program called earn and learn. this meant when they did good things they would get fake money to spend at the extravaganza. One of her friends were moving to India so she had to sell
a lot of her stuff. She was selling many beanie kids so Mia bought Ryan the Lion Bear, Fluffy the Bunny Bear and Of course Kitty. She got Beanie Kid Kitty for Christmas.
This is Mooky and Hover the butterfly bears. Mia has both of them, in fact, Mooky was her very first beanie kid along with raindrop the bear! Mia has Mooky in Beanie Kid and Hover in a smaller beanie kid size. Mooky was from her grandparents and she got Hover from a fair. Aren't they so cute together?
This is Lola the Gypsy bear. Jemma has Lola in Beanie Kid size. Jemma got given Lola for her birthday from Nanna. On the Beanie Kid website Mia, Jemma and Toby have been designing Beanie Kids, if they win their design will be made into a REAL Beanie Kid and they will get a Cuddly Kid of their design too. Jemma has been designing a Gypsy so Nanna found one and gave it to her!
This is Hart the
Dalmatian Bear.
Mia has him in Beanie Kid size. Hart is 2009's Valentine's day bear. Mia got him from the Royal Melbourne show in a show bag!
This is Nelly Kitten Bear. Mia has Nelly in Beanie Kid size. Mia got Nelly and

in a show bag.

This is Chloe the Calf Bear. Mia has Chloe in Beanie Kid size. Mia got
and Chloe in a show bag together.

Aren't they adorable?!
This is Flip Flop the Bunny Bear. Jemma got Flip Flop from a Fair. Jemma's Flip Flop's whiskers are a bit bent but he was 2nd hand. Mia, Jemma and Toby love rabbit/ bunny Beanie Kids!
This is Hug-a-Bub the Baby Bear.
Mia got her with her pocket money along with
Snug-a-bub the Baby Bear.
They are so Cute!
This is Snug-a-bub the baby Bear! Jemma, Toby and Mia all love playing with the baby bears as
they are fun to rap up and play with!
This is Freddy the Policeman Bear.
Toby has Freddy in normal Beanie
Kid size. Toby got Freddy for his
birthday from Nanna. Nanna got it
from the Op Shop. Good on 'ya Nanna!
This is Skully the Skeleton Bear. Toby
has Skully. He got Skully as a gift.
ully is glow in the dark! Toby loves
ring Mia and Jemma with Skully!
This is Ruby the Red Bear!Jemma found her from an op Shop. She may look like an ordinary bear but really this is one of the first beanie kids to ever be released! Once one sold for over $800! She is a very special bear!

This is patchy! Patchy is so cute with all his little
patches! Mia has patchy and got him from a school fundraiser. You should ask your school if they can do a fundraiser too!
This is Stitchy! Mia also got Stitchy from her
school fundraiser with
. They look so cute together!


are two very sticky bears!
They may sound a little yucky but they
are really some of the cutest kindest bears
on beanie island! Mia got
for Christmas and Mia got


in her school fundraiser.


live in a nose shaped home
This is the Beanie Master!
The Beanie Master is the Master of Beanie
This is The Beanie Master VIP as this one is in a suit.
Mia has The VIP but neither Jemma, Toby or Mia have the rare Original Beanie Master.
This is Snow Princess. This was one of Mia's first Beanie Kids.Mia got her for her birthday from her buddy in prep.

Cecil the Snake is a very silly snake! But he would have to be one of the cutest snakes you have ever come across! He loves to rap around your arms and legs. Mia has him in beanie kid.
Daddy the bear is a limited edition bear! Mia got him from Nanna and Nanna got him from an Op-Shop. Mia, Jemma and Toby are very lucky to have lots of Op-Shops around and one of the best Nannas anyone could wish for!
Daddy the Bear!
This is Tangles the Reindeer Bear
and Bo the Bauble Bear! These are limited edition bears that come together as a pack.
Mia got them for Christmas. Bo is so cute as he hangs on your Christmas tree! Sometimes you will mistake Tangles for Santa as he has so many bells!
This is Greta the Dutch Girl. Mia has her
and she is very special to Mia
because she is on Mia's Birthday!
(8th of June) also Mia's friend's
is on Greta's
Birthday because
Mia is one minute older!
Mia, Jemma and Toby
love sharing their birthdays with
their beanie kids.

This is peppermint the Bear.
Mia got peppermint for only $3
at an Op-Shop, what a great deal! Peppermint is very soft and cuddly!
Luv ya Nanna!
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