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Hearthstone for Dummies

No description

Dan Solis

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Hearthstone for Dummies

A How to Guide:
What It's About
Hearthstone is a massive turn based card game based on the lore found in the series World of Warcraft Games. In the game you battle against either AI or humans with cards. This is what a board looks like. In order to play a card you need to spend mana. Your mana is replenished every turn, and every turn your mana pool grows by one point. For example, if I wanted to play a card that requires 5 mana, 5 mana would be withdrawn from your pool. The goal of the game is to reduce your enemies health to zero.
Rarity of Cards
There are 5 types of types of cards, Basic, Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The rarer it is, the more arcane dust you will get from disenchanting it.
In order to craft, you need arcane dust. Like earlier, the rarer the card is, the more it cost to enchant/disenchant the card.
Card Effects
There are many types of effects that are on a card.
: Triggers an ability when the minion is played from your hand
: Lets the minion attack the turn it is placed
: An ability is triggered when that minion dies
: removes all card effects from the target minion
: minions with stealth cannot be attacked directly with spells and attacks until the stealthed minion attacks. But can be target via AoE (area of effect)
: enemies must attack the minion(s) with taunt before attacking the non-taunt minions or player
: Lets the minion attack twice.
Hero Power
A hero power is an ability unique to a hero class or boss, displayed next to the hero's portrait. Hero powers can be used once each turn for a set amount of mana, and may have a variety of effects, such as summoning a minion or equipping a weapon.
For example:
How to get Hearthstone
In order to get Hearthstone, you must make a battle.net account and download the desktop client. From there, you download hearthstone on the client and you are ready to play.
Character Selection
There's a variety of heroes to select in Hearthstone. The heroes are the Rogue, Mage, Paladin, Shaman, Druid, Warrior, Hunter, Warlock, and the Priest class. All of the characters have special cards to begin with.
Mage Special Card
Game Modes

Let the Hunt Begin!
Training Mode
: In training mode, you play against an AI (a.k.a. the Innkeeper) on either normal or expert mode to practice your skills and get better.
: Play against other players in a series of games with a random deck of cards that you don't own. If you win the series, you gain big rewards (arcane dust, card packs, and gold). To enter the arena, you may purchase entry with in game currency or real money. Practically, the more you win, the more you are rewarded. But, your Arena series ends if you lose 3 games or win 12 games
Game Modes (Continued)
: Play an online match against other Heartstone players.
(Naxxramas): Single player versus AI bosses with unique special cards.
: Challenge your friends to a battle.
How to Play
Left click
then drag the card on the battlefield
Right click
your character to say something.
the mouse to the card (hand or grave) to view statistics
to view more options, settings, exit game, etc.
copy pasta
But there are still very more!
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