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Social Media Revolution & Social Business

No description

Lucile Leclercq

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Social Media Revolution & Social Business

Lucile Leclercq Living in Stockholm Global Social Collaboration Driver Sogeti Group I am passionate about ... Women in Business Generation TeamPark
& Adoption French from Paris Y Employee
Engagement Innovation great food designer bags travels I like my dog candles SOCIAL media & business Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter 650 followers 500 friends Linkedin 700 connections 3 of the world population is under 30y of Millenials
have joined a social network The era of the individual challenging political systems,
media & public figures influence The paradigm shift interaction
& community reach immediacy
& permanence hyper-connectivity mass adoption fellowship
community & peers Khaled Saeed, Egyptian martyr Chinese Dissident Ai Wei Wei Domino's Pizza Youtube Scandal So far that ... You might be a psychopath... Klout Weinergate employee engagement offshore & globalisation knowledge
retention & sharing innovation Social Business
as a solution people-centric vertical structure
networks global collaborative transparent Global Social Collaboration networking engagement collaboration New behaviours Reward & Recognition Openness & Transparency Live our values Bonding & Engagement Retention & Attraction Improved Communication High Potentials Think ambitious
& initiate Listen React & Respond skills, client names, expertise...
it´s searchable THE RAISE THE GLOBAL DRIVER THE BIG CLIENT THE DOWNSIZE THE OFFSHORE PROJECT One of the consultants in your team says
in a status update on his profile :

”Still didn’t get the raise I deserved
despite highly satisfied clients.
Does it mean Sogeti is not happy with my work?
I'm really wondering… ”

You're his manager, how do you react ? You need to down-size and end the contracts of several long-time employees. You also know that several of your influential employees are active on TeamPark and might make some fuss about it.

How do you handle the situation ? You have been appointed global driver for a new solution.

How do you reach your people,
spread information and material,
and support sales across the Group ? You have been appointed account manager
for one of the biggest clients in your country.
You have around 100 consultants working at this client.

How do you facilitate the sharing of information
and make sure you get relevant insights from our people ? Offshore is growing strong
and we just sold a project to one of our biggest client.

As project manager,
how do you foster your multi-cultural team,
make sure you all collaborate
and deliver the best service to your client ? Profile Network people you are connected to
to and from whom you spread or get info
your activity is primarily visible to them Communities distinct collaborative spaces
various functionnalities supporting
communication and collaboration
within a group of people Blogs communicate and share info
chronological order
news channel Wikis share and gather knowledge together
display info like on Wikipedia
knowledge repository Forums discuss, brainstorm, answer questions Files share documents THOUGHTS GATHERING ! COMMUNITY Work with - Make them part of the solution Acknowledge & reward the expression Show leadership and not authority Be transparent to build trust Recall common goals Your answer has a wide reach

Impulsive replies are rarely the best ones

What will be remembered is not the criticism
but the way you handled it visibility & activity regularity relevancy & rich content be aware of your ecosystem
communities & influencers Know your influencers your personal network & activity are keys 3 STEPS TO GET STARTED Fill in your profile

Grow your network

Join communities 1 GOLD RULE LEAVE
A TRACE AT EACH VISIT Update your status
Recommend a blogpost
Comment on a status update
Reply to a question in a forum
… access to mass-broadcasting tools empowerement SOCIAL MEDIA

YOUR BRAINS ! 1. 2. 3. I'm a typical Yer the biggest revolution since internet
or the industrial revolution... what´s happening to our business ? Challenges transparency Calling for
cultural change Expectations &
Challenges time & space 50% If Facebook were a country it would be the largest rd 96% 4 Millenials spend hours/day
on social media "We wanted flying cars,
instead we got 140 characters."
Peter Thiel, Founders Fund Not on Facebook ? 1 out of 5 couples met online Some universities have stopped distributing email accounts 30 sec New Yorkers received tweets about
an earthquake before they actually felt it Justin Bieber more followers than population of Canada, Belgium or Australia Opportunities but also be a (social) leader Social power comes from interactions BE VISIBLE BE ACTIVE Know your INFLUENCERS work WITH them DO WHAT YOU PREACH engage & acknowledge SALARY
N.1 MOTIVATION public reward
are powerful 3 rules TeamPark Basics use-cases it´s no magic ! Tania Castillo-Pérez
Paul Christophle
Valérie Leo
Tristan Delcour
Jim Balder
Julien Leblois
Robert-Jan Ten Dijke
Magnus Fjell
Jean-Marie Perraudin Carlos Ribeiro Simoes
Alexis Meunier
Virginie Desvignes
Fabien Senlanne
Stephen Hyland
John Dragunas
Kamel Abid
Samuel Meynet
Sander Tiel Hervé Weytens
Daniel Berg
Mathieu Moreau-Camard
Marie Capron
Maria Puis Sagué
Kolbjørn Njøten
Austin Cregan
Francisco Javier Aranda Fuentes
Namic Ait Meddour Andreas Sjöstedt
Kevin Dreyfus
Els Reinders
Anais Fregolent
Didier Hautecourt
Harrie Prins
Richard Faas
Kevin Kilburg
Phil Lupton Tom Dubigeon
Taner Cöpcü
Karine Colombet
Rogier Van Agt
Lionel Ruozzi
Boon Lee
Andreas Eriksson
Jochen Thomas
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