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The Wannsee Conference

S3 lesson about the Wannsee Conference

Miss Richardson

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of The Wannsee Conference

Write a short paragraph using the following questions to guide you:
When and where did it happen?
"Europe would be
of Jews from east to west," Heydrich stated.

"Instead of emigration, there is now a further possible solution to which the Führer has already signified his consent - namely
deportation to the east
," Heydrich stated for example when referring to mass deportations of Jews to ghettos in occupied Poland and then on to the soon-opened death camps at Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka.

eliminated by natural causes
," refers to death by a combination of hard labour and starvation.

treated accordingly
," refers to execution by SS firing squads or death by gassing - also seen in other Nazi correspondence in a variety of connotations such as "
special treatmen
t" and "
special actions
" regarding the Jews.

" – eradication/killing.
Storage problem"
– referring to full ghettos etc.
Language and Euphemisms
Now I need 3 pupils to represent the members of the Wannsee Conference
Quietly read your worksheet about the outcome of the meeting.
In the back of your jotter write two or three questions that you would like to ask the men who were at the meeting.
Let the trial begin!
Finish your paragraph:
The Wannsee Conference
I will be developing my knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust by looking at the decisions made at the Wannsee Conference.
I can question the morality of the decision makers at the conference, write about the decisions made there and the consequences of these.
20 January 1942
Wannsee, Berlin
Who was there?
Why was it happening?
Reinhard Heydrich
Adolf Eichmann
Heinrich Himmler's top deputies
Ghettos were full
Needed a 'final solution to the Jewish problem'
What was unusual about the meeting?
The meeting only took 90 minutes for 15 men to decide the fate of millions of people.
What do you think of these men and why?
What was agreed?
What sort of language was used?
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