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Talent Acquisition Blueprint & Vision

Prezi Online Slideshow

Greg Killeen

on 29 August 2012

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Transcript of Talent Acquisition Blueprint & Vision

Education Bachelor of Science The University of Western Ontario Biology & Natural Sciences Western is one of the top ranked universities in Canada Skills Contact Personal Dual Citizen (301) 547-3530 gregkilleen@gmail.com Soft Skills Thank you for your time and consideration.
I look forward to hearing from you! http://www.linkedin.com/in/gregkilleen Most Recent Experience First
& In Reverse Order London, Ontario Downtown London Aerial of UWO Campus Bachelor of Commerce University of Windsor Honors Business Administration Windsor, Ontario Downtown Windsor With Detroit Skyline University Campus Building Working in U.S. Since 1993 I have a passion for helping organizations improve, enhance and optimize their corporate recruiting & staffing capabilities through sophisticated levels of expertise in tactical and strategic talent acquisition. Laws of World-Class Corporate Recruiting
Credit: Adapted from Dr. John Sullivan

The primary goal must be business impact
The recruiting strategy must lead to domination of the talent marketplace
Executives are the primary customer
The primary target is top talent
A competitive advantage is needed in a zero-sum game
Recruiting has five key components - employer branding, talent prospecting, talent courting, candidate assessment, and offer closing
Employer branding has the greatest long-term impact
Prioritization allows you to focus
A talent pipeline approach is superior
Speed is required for quality
Timing is required for quality
A global capability is needed
Aggressiveness is the norm
Recruit diversity for improved business results
You must be talent centric
A strong business case is essential
Influence managers to act correctly
Technology drives capability, speed, and globalization
Great recruiters are required to land top talent
The most effective tools are required to land top talent
You must use your employees as talent scouts
Data-based decision-making is best
Integration is critical
Legal compliance
Continuous learning is required Every job description at the company to be standardized in a common sense and creative/fun/innovative way
No more "blah" or vague postings
“Pimp Your Job Description” Create online portal where recruiters (and hiring managers) can go to obtain HTML, interactive PDF/Word forms, recruiter training materials
Form Examples: Pre-Screen electronic (HTML or PDF) forms with the most pertinent data that include drop down menus, checkboxes, etc.; Behavioral Interview Guides
Form Examples: “Service Level Agreement” forms (between recruiters and client managers); “Escalation Meeting Agreement” forms (req. 45 days and beyond); “Sourcing Plans”; Onboarding Checklists; New Hire Announcements
Training Examples: Create an online repository for excellent recruiter training videos, scripts; articles on objection handling, pre-closing and negotiating techniques. Also include a training library of online sourcing techniques pertaining to Boolean searching, social media cheat sheets, etc. Calendar of training events, etc. Create behavioral interviewing internal online portal - summarizing methodologies, guides & guidelines, training sessions in a 1-stop shopping location Implement online process (or other best practices) and standardize the process to simplify yet modernize these most common of HR tasks
Slow offers/delays/miscommunication are a common cause of declined offers (and negative feedback from internal hiring managers).
Some ATS vendors have a module that makes these tasks transparent to all and ultimately more efficient. Explore and report on replacement online products when necessary
Reports! Assist on, improve and develop the MOST USEFUL management reports that can be culled from the ATS and CRM tools. Serve as sourcing and hiring reports leader.
Can serve as the designated point person in reporting problems with your current vendor(s) Work closely with HRIS staff/HR executives and develop useful online tools/reports for maximizing Recruiter effectiveness by taking into account all succession and workforce changes Select and implement an online “Vendor Manager” (eg: Some ATS vendors and other HR services have adjunct modules)
Used to manage outside executive search/HR products vendors
Secure “no excuses”/transparent vendor exchange
Develop source effectiveness reports Explore and implement a better common/transparent online method to manage and collaborate on recruiting budget issues
Could include a separate module, project management system or shareable spreadsheet
Transparent all the way to hiring managers, recruiters and HR administrative staff
In this way all stakeholders will fully understand the cost implications of various sourcing methods and will also forge more concerted teamwork (with no mystery) Choose, design and implement online surveys that measure recruiting satisfaction by hiring managers, new hires and even rejected candidates
Can also serve as the point person to develop various surveys to our employee population on a variety of HR, benefits and general issues Plan and organize most efficient HQ/national/global internship program for all corporate offices as well as at property level Implement front end adjunct online software to manage all cold-calling and networking efforts, lists and passive candidates that have not reached the ATS application stage
Avature Recruiting CRM, SugarCRM, Salesforce.com, real-time shareable spreadsheets and others to be considered.
Goal will be transparency. All recruiting pipeline (passive & active candidates and their statuses) will be visible to whole recruiting and HR team as well as hiring managers. Obtain memberships to the most cutting edge sourcing services for all recruiting staff
LinkedIn Recruiter implemented
Broadlook Diver, Scavado, Boolean Bar, ZoomInfo, Hoovers Premium
Consider one-stop online portal service (AIRS SourcePoint and others) Select simpler, most effective online job board service that posts to multiple sites
Examples: eQuest & Broadbean Build relationships with and implement more effective postings via Indeed.com and/or SimplyHired.com Must be fast-tracked
Modeled after Dr. John Sullivan's guidelines
Online portal developed for existing employees and a special public section of career site to refer as well
Must be linked to the ATS Set-up and implement strategy dealing with texting, iPhones, Android phones, BlackBerry phones, widgets, Twitter, Facebook Implement immediately an online subscription to Basecamp.com to project manage all outlined projects
Basecamp is a web-based project management tool that allows online collaboration between the various constituents of a project. It is also a potential tool for recruiting managers to manage their recruiting teams.
Would allow me, HR executives, IT executives, HRIS specialists, recruiters and outside vendors to communicate/collaborate in a really cool, “no excuses”/transparent setting
Consider implementing Basecamp for Recruitment Management teams throughout the country/world
Alternative products include Huddle.net & Zoho Projects and shares attributes with Microsoft SharePoint and Project Power Up Your Careers Web Portal Project Set online SEO strategy. Includes implementing job aggregator relationships (Indeed.com, SimplyHired.com, etc.). Create Facebook Page(s), LinkedIn Page(s), Twitter Page(s), YouTube Channel, Flickr Photostream
Other niche social media services to be determined All candidates can sign up on the careers section for a monthly e-newsletter written by recruiters and managers re: company news, profiles, events, etc. Develop select blogs for both corporate HQ and field property perspectives
Easily found on careers site Can be incorporated into social network sites and blogs Videos, Photos with “Day in the Life Of”/”Meet Our People” scenarios for corporate and field property careers
Incorporate onto main careers page sections and social media channels “Fancy up”/standardize the look of the various sites with latest technologies
Top technology used to power up the various career sections
Implement the technology to measure the effectiveness of the various channels College Recruiting Section Project
Diversity Recruiting Section Project
Military Recruiting Section Project
Alumni Community Network/”Boomerang Hire” Section Project Other Niche Career Sections Projects Esthetics and Measurement Project Testimonials Project Career Podcasts Project Blogs Project Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) Project Social Media Project (See Screenshots) E-Newsletter Project Basecamp Project Mobile Recruiting Project Model: Example of Sodexo’s Mobile Jobs Apps Employee Referral Program Project Model: Example of Sodexo’s Employee Referral Portal Can even refer someone through this system
if you are NOT an employee (great idea!) This is the perfect model for a corporate online ERP portal; but I would tone down the graphics Job Board/Job Distributor Project Sourcing Tools Project Recruiting CRM Tools Project Transparency so that ALL stakeholders, including hiring managers, have access to view active and passive pipeline of prospects. No more mystery and complaints and it also forges stronger teamwork. Shareable real-time spreadsheets Creative Job Description Project Recruiting Forms & Training Project These are some of the recruiting forms that I personally have customized and can be implemented at your company. I have designed them in Word, PDF and online HTML versions. I don't think you will find many from your past that are so concise and yet detailed in capturing the key elements of the corporate talent acquisition process.

Scroll to Zoom In to See Forms in Details To be shared with hiring manager after intake is completed.
Sourcing plan to be modified over time with the hiring manager and shared via a URL link for a shareable document (or simply emailed back & forth) Recruiting Intake Form and Sourcing Plan (Combined, 2 Pages, Word & PDF) Reference Check Form (1 page, Word & PDF) Simple yet detailed 1 pager. All fields expandable. Recruiting Service Level Agreement (3 Pages, Word & PDF) Strong proponent of issuing a SLA document to hiring managers across the enterprise with the initiation of their requisition.
Easily modified to fit your company's needs. Pre-Screen Forms (2 Pages, HTML, Word & PDF) Behavioral Interviewing Project Offer Management & Onboarding Project ATS Project Workforce Planning Project Vendor Management Project Expense Management Project Internship Project Job Aggregator Project Social Media Project Fervent believer in implementing a well-rounded set of tools to create an industry leading recruiting-focused social media strategy. It is more than a trend.
Create Facebook Page(s), LinkedIn Page(s), Twitter Page(s), YouTube Channel, Flickr Photostream, eNewsletter, other niche social media services to be determined Great Model: Sodexo - Amazing
Networking Section to Emulate (Zoom in Anywhere on Upcoming Slides) Exceptional Internet data mining and sourcing skills (AIRS Certified Internet Recruiter)
Expert with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, Google Docs and Zoho Apps
Web Design, Forms Design
Expertise with various applicant tracking systems: Taleo, Vurv/Recruitmax, Peopleclick, Peoplesoft eRecruit, Restrac/Webhire, Resumix, iCIMS, Hodes IQ and Deploy
Expertise with recruiting CRM systems for passive candidate management: SugarCRM, Salesforce.com, Avature Recruiting CRM, Broadlook Diver
Knowledgeable user of Zoho Projects, Basecamp, Huddle.net and SharePoint for managing teams and recruiting projects Technical Skills Active User From This To This Here is my blueprint and vision to get you there Specific ideas, models & projects that I can help you implement immediately
Why me?
How I can help you get there How To Move Your Talent Acquisition Capabilities Prezi Presentation by Greg Killeen

See Full Screen Mode Button Under the "More" Button - Recommend You Use. Also Scroll Mouse to Zoom In. Employment Branding Project Minchington (2005) defines your employer brand as “the image of your organization as a ‘great place to work’ in the mind of current employees and key stakeholders in the external market (active and passive candidates, clients, customers and other key stakeholders). The art and science of employer branding is therefore concerned with the attraction, engagement and retention of initiatives targeted at enhancing your company's employer brand." (Source Wikipedia)
Working in conjunction with company marketing, spearhead the development of the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to help attract, engage and retain talented candidates and employees. Blueprint For Building a World-Class Corporate
Talent Acquisition Department How? Implement Laws of World-Class Corporate Recruiting Utilize Most Potential Sourcing Channels Build It! Projects, Projects, Projects Help You Build It Piece By Piece Here Are Schematics of Various Special Projects That I Can Lead (in no particular order) Power Up Your Careers Portal Customer Satisfaction Online Survey Project College, Diversity and
Military Recruiting Project Covered in career portal projects section
Will remain deeply involved (although not necessarily the point person) in the development of marketing/handout materials/career fair displays/exhibits; selection of events; attendance at events and disseminator of attendee data Networking Page You Tube Channel Flickr Photostream Blog Written By HR Team Talent Community Linkedin Career Page Twitter Page Alumni Community Careers Podcasts eNewsletter Catch Up or Stay Ahead of the Joneses on Social Media Strategies Why Me? Passion Experience Proven Knowledge I have been embedded in corporate recruiting environments where the status quo was predominant as well as those where we practiced much more advanced talent acquisition strategies and know the inherent difference. I am looking for an opportunity with a leading corporation that wants to run their corporate recruiting department like an industry-leading strategic business function. About Me Professional Experience Marriott International, Inc. Bethesda, MD Caesars Entertainment Corporation Las Vegas, NV (Telecommuting) (Formerly Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.) Hilton Worldwide McLean, VA Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Rockville, MD & Washington, DC Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) Washington, DC HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation Orlando, FL Your Talent Officer Orlando, FL CIBC National Bank Maitland, FL Bank of America Orlando, FL SunTrust Banks, Inc. Orlando, FL Executive Recruiters International Detroit, MI Professional Personnel Consultants Farmington Hills, MI Eli Lilly Canada, Inc. Toronto, Ontario (Which I Am Sure You Will Recognize...) Executive Search 19 years of extensive hands-on expertise in full lifecycle corporate recruitment, executive search, & recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) Executive Search Lines of Business: Finance, accounting, auditing, tax, Big 4, Sarbanes-Oxley
eCommerce (Marriott is #3 eCommerce entity behind Amazon and Apple)
Sales, customer service, marketing
IT, ERP, engineering
General & administrative, legal, human resources
Call center operations Sectors: Fortune 500 companies
Quasi-governmental/federal financial organizations
Executive search (contingency & retained)
Hospitality, gaming
Banking, securities, mortgage, compliance
Consulting & accounting
Engineering (mechanical & wireless), manufacturing, automotive
Medical & pharmaceutical I Will Outline: Persuasive Communicator and Negotiator
Exceptional Networking and Cold Calling Skills
Coach and Mentor
Effective Trainer and Facilitator
Budget Administration
Strategic Planning and Workforce Planning
Special Projects Management Greg Killeen Tenacious Fortune 500 Corporate Recruiter & Leader, Recruitment/Retention Innovation Enthusiast, Passionate Sourcer Greg Killeen 301-547-3530 Bethesda, MD gregkilleen@gmail.com www.linkedin.com/in/gregkilleen Contact End of Prezi Presentation Start of My "Prezume"
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