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Knowledge Of Music

TOK Project

idette gonzalez

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Knowledge Of Music

Knowledge Of Music
Chantel Heard,
Paul Kaeser, Samantha Hurtado and Marisol Oseguera

Video Time!
Opinions & Real Life
Was Music Invented or Discovered?
Real Life Experience #1
Real Life Experience #2
Video #2
Video #3
Video #1
Definition of Music
How does it affect our emotions?
Setting a mood to a theme
What is Music?
An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.
When music is placed as the background of a setting, the theme or mood is strongly expressed according to the beat of the sound that is being produced.
While the scene is being projected, the music in the background also gives it the suspense, happiness, misery etc that the producer is trying to illustrate.
Music and emotions are closely interrelated.
These tones that travel inside the ears reach the brain and creates an emotional feeling.
Music doesn't only affect your emotions but your perception as well. For example, if the mood someone is in is affected by music, then thy will view things positively.
Foreign Language, Universal Sentiment
Let's play guess the emotion! (applicable only if you don't know the language.
Perhaps language
We discovered fire, and invented matches...
We discovered electricity, and invented thousands of ways to utilize it...
We invented the notes, but not their sounds, we just put a label on sounds. We also invented instruments
So... was music human creation, or did we discover it?
I like to listen to music while doing chores so I can keep a positive attitude and stay energetic.
I like listening to music while I'm exercising to maintain good energy.
Listening to music while in a bad mood can help you lighten up.
When I'm mad I turn on music with a high tempo.
Music with a faster speed tends to increase energy
However, sometimes I don't want to hear anything at all and sit in complete silence so I can think.
Bob hates his job
It's boring.
Bob's favorite genre
of music is rock.
in order to have fun
at work he plays
the air drum.
This is Mikaela.
She's extremely stressed.
She's been working on a project that's due tomorrow. Alternative/Indie to Calm herself down.
This is Kevin, create a scenario for the image shown and share with the class.

I listen
to music

Music Affecting MY Reality....
I do my homework while listening music because it helps me have a deeper concentration, forget surrounding sounds, and enjoy doing homework (kinda not really)
Researchers have found that listening to music while studying distracts your learning.

Students at the University of Wales were studied:
1. A quiet environment

2. With “steady state” speech. This means a single word (repetitive background noise like a heater)

3. With “changing state” speech. This means a variety of words (someone is speaking in the background)

4. With “liked” music, meaning a song of the students choice. Students brought in their own music, the only requirement was that it had to have vocals

5. With “disliked” music, which in this case was a metal song called “Thrashers” by Death Angel (all students in the study disliked metal)

Results showed that students had better scores taking a test in both a changing and steady state rather than in liked or disliked music state. Therefore, it is recommended to not listen to certain music.
Results vary from People
Without words you have shown me what love is
Without words your name is what my heart screams
It breaks me just to know that you really love her so
I'll try my best that it won't show
Without words you have made me much pain
Without words feels like I have drowned in the rain
And I was such a fool to believe that there was really you and me
Without a word I really don't know why
To you I'd never learn to say goodbye
Without words you have shown me what love is
Without words your name is what my heart screams
It breaks me just to know that you really love her so
I'll try my best that it won't show
Without words you have shown me what love is
Without words your name is what my heart screams
It breaks me just to know that you really love her so
I'll try my best that it won't show
Should've ignored what I felt
What I felt deep in my heart
Coz now I don't even know
How to start letting you go
Oh yeah...
It hurts so bad I can't explain
Can your Brain distinguish what you dislike or like?
Hoy en mi ventana brilla el sol
Y el corazon
Se pone triste
Contemplando la ciudad
Porque te vas

Como cada noche desperte
Pensando en ti
Y en mi reloj todas las horas vi pasar
Porque te vas

Todas las promesas de mi amor
Se iran contigo
Me olvidaras me olividaras
Junto a la estacion hoy
Llorare igual que un nino

Porque te vas
Porque te vas
Porque te vas
Porque te vas

Bajo la penumbra de un farol
Se dormiran
Todas las cosas
Que quedaron por decir
Se dormiran

Junto a las manillas de un reloj
Todas las horas
Que quedaron por vivir

"Everyone is a spider pretending to be a butterfly
Sweet smell and flavor
Spider pretending to be a butterfly
The color that deceives the heart

Flower, a fleeting love
Flower, has bloomed suspiciously

Put on a mask, erase yourself, that’s correct human nature
Your true self can dance, a laser that cuts the night
I can’t get used to it, I can’t do it, a fruitless flower
Even she’s smiling, the people I serve, Do you wanna be my lover?

Do you wanna be my lover?
Do you wanna be my lover?

The pushing, glittering glass wall
In the infinite bubbles are shadows and girls
The oriented, perfect vortex
Shined in a dazzling light

The Mental and Emotional Effects Of Music
Then there's no language at all.... or is music a a universal language?
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