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6.05 Project- Water Pollution

No description

Jasmine Ridge

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of 6.05 Project- Water Pollution

6.05 Project- Water Pollution
Water pollution-Criteria
In order for my solution to be successful, my solution will need to have money to support it, resources, workers, persistency, and government support. There are most definitely budgeting concerns, as with any project. People would need to raise awareness in order to fund money. My solutions do require public support and awareness. Fixing water pollution is not just one persons job, it is ultimately going to take everyone in the community being aware of it and avidly working towards a cleaner water supply in order to fix the issue at all.
Circular Flow
Three possible solutions for water pollution
Solution 1
• The community could get more involved. This means that special interest groups can form and campaign for awareness. They could organize more beach cleanups and avidly look for ways to improve gas emissions and waste entering the water systems. This meets some of my criteria because it can involve all aspects of help such as funding, persistency, workers, and government. I believe that if this community involvement developed, we would see a significant increase in the health of the environment.
Solution 2
• Companies and corporations or entrepreneurs can donate money to fund these groups and projects supporting clean water. This money can ultimately go into smaller groups who can research and find new ways to keep the water clean. This ultimately does meet the plan of budgeting and money, but it doesn’t necessarily involve everyone whichcould be a problem like this.
Solution 3
• One specific water pollutant, oil, has become a more prominent problem in recent years with the increase in drilling. This spillage is polluting the water and causing many short term affects, as well as many possible long term effects we are not yet aware of. I believe that this can be decreased. On a national level, the government could further regulate oil drilling to ensure safety of these oil rigs and to prevent spillage. I believe these ideas together can make a big impact. This would get many more people involved but ultimately it only focuses on one goal rather than the wide-range of issues that actually exists.
Based on my Criteria, I selected Solution 1 to be the most effective.
Water Pollution
Water pollution effects the health of the environment, and all animals and humans living it it. It may also harm the economy by bringing up medical debt from illnesses and
loss of fish market businesses in Florida especially.
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