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U1: Southern Colonies

No description

Dana Larrick

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of U1: Southern Colonies

What was the first successful English colony in North America?
Jamestown, established in 1607
Business venture, est. by the Va. Co. of London
Who were the first to come?
Men seeking riches
Roanoke Island
What was it like for the first colonists?

How did the colony succeed?
John Smith
John Rolfe
Who governed Virginia?
Royal Governor
House of Burgesses
First elected assembly in British colonies
Now: Virginia General Assembly
Indentured servants
Men looking for wealth
Jamestown, 1607
Usually white
Prisoners, debtors
Land owners paid for passage to America
Later settled in Shenandoah Valley
and other Western areas
The Southern Colonies
Economic characteristics
of the Southern colonies
Cash crops on the coast:
Small-scale subsistence farming in the west
Valued private ownership and free enterprise
Social characteristics of the
Southern colonies
Rigid social structure
-no middle class
-strong differences between rich and poor
Strong ties to England
Main religion: Church of England
Many Scots-Irish farmers and hunters
in the western regions
Eventually replaced by
African slaves
Rich land owners had
all of the power
First attempt
Purpose: Business venture
Set up by the Virginia Company of London, a joint stock company
Political characteristics
of the Southern colonies
All power in the hands of a few eastern landowners
What were the other southern colonies?
North Carolina
South Carolina

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