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Pull Factors of U.A.E

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on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of Pull Factors of U.A.E

Pull Factors that have Contributed to the Large Number of International Immigrants to the U.A.E
Anna Harawa
Nadia Nguru

In the population pyramid, the percentage of economically active age is much higher on the male side, as opposed to the female side. This shows that there are a lot of migrants in the country. It also suggests that the U.A.E's GDP is high because the number of economically active people outnumber the total dependants.

Net migration rate: 13.58 migrants/1,000 population
Labour Migration
The main factor affecting international migration to the U.A.E is Labour migration. Migrant workers take up positions that the locals do not want due to their low wages or poor state of working (most migrants will arrive with a two year contract)
Socio-cultutral Factors
• Better amenity service provision
• Cultural diversity
• Improved communication facilities
• Religious freedom
U.A.E is a relatively safe country where the migrants are still able to practice their main religion - Islam. These labour migrants are able to support their families due to a higher income and a tax-free salary.
Economic Factors
- Affordable Healthcare
- Tax free
-Oil production
- Higher wages
- High labour demand

Young dependancy - 17.8%
Elderly dependants - 1.3%
Economically active - 74.6%
(*2015 Estimates)
2014 migrant population
: 7.8 million
: $599.8 billion
: 58.9%
Birth rate
:(2014 estimate)15.54 births/1,000 population, according to CIA World Factbook
Death rate
: (2014 estimate)1.99 deaths/1,000 population, according to CIA World Factbook
According to GulfNews.com, the U.A.E has the lowest level of violent crime in the world as well as being ranked 1st globally for treating women with respect. Lower crime rates mean that it is a safer destination for migrants.

Estimated crime rate: 16
Safety walking alone during daylight: 88.26%
Very High
Safety walking alone during night: 81.41%
Very High
Problem violent crimes such as assaulted robbery: 15.87%
Very Low
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