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Community Wellness: Project Milestone 2

H.O.P.E. On-line

Sidney Sands

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Community Wellness: Project Milestone 2

St p: Underage Drinking Adult Family Member My chemistry Teacher Under Age Drinking She is a chemistry teacher, in high school, she attends seminars and she keeps up to date of what is going on in school/ community. The Product How is it accurate? How is it Credible?
She is very in-tuned to the news and will research things further than just what the news says. The site is constantly updated by workers and local government. How is it accurate? Ms. Lockhart I have decided to generate awareness about under age drinking in my community. The issue is important because it has affected many of my friends in school and community. I hate how it has affected many people and no one has done much to stop it. Person my age- my cousin
Adult Family Member- my mom
Adult in School- my chemistry teacher
Community resource- St p: Underage Drinking
Website- https://www.stopalcoholabuse.gov/parents.aspx Sabrina My Cousin Debbie My Mom What's wrong with my community? Resources It is a local site were parents or students can go on to read about others problems/ challenges. Also it is approved by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and has received rewards due to great website. How is it Credible? How is it Credible?
My cousin does not have credentials but she is reliable because she is my age and knows what is happening in my community. How is it accurate?
She can give me accurate examples of the underage drinking in our community. How is it reasonable?
It is reasonable because she is around people in the community, and may even watch it first hand. What's the support? The support is that other students make similar comments about events/ or parties. How is it Credible?
She used to be a 9-1-1 dispatcher and would have to take calls from kids calling in about their friend who was unconscious. How is it accurate?
She is not working as a dispatcher anymore but she still has to work with them and hears relevant stories. How is it reasonable?
It is reasonable because my grandparents will talk about it (once it is heard). Also my dad may hear about it. What is the support?
The same story will come on to the news or are printed in the local newspaper. How is it reasonable? It is reasonable because she is a high school teacher. She is around many students per day, so she is exposed to those who abuse alcohol. What is the support? The support is that she is constantly researching facts and reasons for a disrupt community. Also the fact that she is a very well liked teacher and many students go to her when they are having problems or need to talk. How is it reasonable? It is reasonable because it connects with teens in the community so you can personally connect. What is the support? The support is the many awards the site has received and the credibility from local acts/ laws.
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