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North Korean Government

No description

Krystal Binversie

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of North Korean Government

Democratic People's Republic of Korea Workers' Party of North Korea (WPK) Dominates the government
since 1948 Juche or "self-reliance" Social Democratic Party Chondist Chondu Party Supreme People's Assembly Legislature Communist state one - man dictatorship Capital: Pyongyang Administrative Divisions Executive Songun Independence Day Suffrage 9 provinces and 2 municipalities

Provinces: Chagang-do (Chagang), Hamgyong-bukto (North Hamgyong), Hamgyong-namdo (South Hamgyong), Hwanghae-bukto (North Hwanghae), Hwanghae-namdo (South Hwanghae), Kangwon-do (Kangwon), P'yongan-bukto (North P'yongan), P'yongan-namdo (South P'yongan), Yanggang-do (Yanggang) Municipalities: Nason-si, P'yongyang-si (Pyongyang) 17 years; universal August 15th, 1945 (from Japan) Chief of State: Kim Jong Un Last election was in April 2011, but has been in charge since December 17, 2011 Premier: CHOE Yong Rim In charge since June 7th, 2010 Population: 24,589,122 Other includes small Chinese community and few Japanese Cabinet: Naegak (cabinet) members, except for Minister of People's Armed Forces, are appointed by SPA Supreme People's Assembly or Ch'oego Inmin Hoeui

687 seats; members elected by popular vote to serve five-year terms

Elections: last held on 8 March 2009
(next to be held in March 2014)

Ruling party approves a list of candidates who are elected without opposition; a token number of seats are reserved for minor parties RYU Mi Yong KIM Young Dae KIM Jong Un Central Court (judges are elected by the Supreme People's Assembly) (SPA) (Under premier are many vice premiers) 99% less than 1% Judicial Monument to the founding of the WPK "Military First" policy that puts the Korean People's Army in state affairs and allocates national resources to the army first. (began in 1960) North Korean propaganda video was posted on the YouTube channel of the North Korean government showing the U.S. government buildings (including Capitol and White House) blowing up from a missile attack. Threatens the already rocky relations with U.S.
Threatens atomic war.
Quote from the video:
"The White House has been captured in the view of our long-range missile, and the capital of war is within the range of our atomic bomb." Video posted March 18,2013 Yet analysts say that North Korea is years away from being able to target nuclear missiles at the U.S.
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