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Rontis Dooel: Annual Review of Production [Shared]

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Ali Alatas

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of Rontis Dooel: Annual Review of Production [Shared]

Rontis Dooel
Annual Review of Production

Benefits from using a Universal Tubing Material (Resilia):
29th Mar
3rd Sep
3rd Oct
25th Aug
9th Sept
Universal Material for Tubing
29th March
Less handling costs
Reduction of accounting
Cost of material
What about production though???
Sterilization Launching
25th August
After many turbulences, Nasal Aspirator landed at Rontis’ portfolio. Nasal Aspirator is the only kit with sterile tips. Also, tips can be packed separately in boxes of 12 and 24 pieces each.
Nasal Aspirator Project
3rd September
In order to boost the production with the given number of operators we implemented a “3 shift production plan”.
Change into 3 Shifts
3rd October
New Arterial Molds
9th November
At maximum productivity Rontis Dooel can sterile 2.650.000 bloodlines year basis, increasing the Corporation’s sterilization capacity for approx. 400%.
Well rested operators
High productivity
Tidy working space
Lack of supervision at 3rd shift
No technical support at 3rd shift
No rotation flexibility in case of abcenses
Nine months after the start of the project we received the two arterial molds
Estimated profit only from the material savings 109.889 €
Quality Performance in 2016
Total Complaints
4.391.845 FMC
Looking Ahead
2017 Target
TOTAL 6.081.845 bloodlines
900.000 Rontis Turkey
790.000 Rontis
Looking Ahead
Efficient stock of components
Sufficient personnel
Introduction of new Automatic machines
Satisfied personnel
It is proven that improving conditions during work and break the personnel gets more productive
Bloodlines + LAD
Milestones of 2016
Reduce labor costs
standardise gluings
Increase productivity
Dialyzer Connector with Tube
Transducer Protector with Small clamp
Additional Line
production days
= Dpt capacity
6.054.000 + 850.000
Less Absences
Note: The above case study includes ONLY the most frequently produced components
NOTE 1: Average productivity 5.000pcs / day
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