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Annie Jump Cannon

No description

Shelbi Jouni

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Annie Jump Cannon

Annie Jump Cannon
Personal Life
Issue Addressed
• Cannon solved a problem that wasn't considered an issue until she resolved it.
• By mapping over 200,000 stars in the sky she was able to further astronomers knowledge as well as their observation of the stars as they knew it.
• Her discoveries of certain stars are still used today. She was able to determine how hot a star was from thousands of light years away and put them in order.
• Cannon was incredibly successful at solving this problem.

•Being a female astronomer who goes relatively unrecognized, her research was very important to the depth of knowledge that astronomers have about stars today.
Annie Jump Cannon Quote:
"A life spent in the routine of science need not destroy the attractive human element of a woman's nature."
Born on December 11, 1863
Dover, Delaware
She died on April 13, 1941
• In 1896 worked as a member of Pickering’s Women.
• It was made up of women who were hired by Harvard Observatory to finish the Henry Draper Catalogue for naming and every star in the sky.
• Cannon observed stars and the stellar spectra.
• Throughout her work she created her Draper Catalog that listed over 200,000 stars.
• Her career lasted more than 40 years, and her career helped women gain acceptance in the science community.
Annie Jump Cannon
• Annie Jump Cannon's discoveries helped was very important socially
because she was able with one single journal to change the way astronomers thought of stars

• Being a women, her discoveries helped astronomers everywhere and brought more respect to female scientists

Social Benefits
Cultural Benefits
• Cannon lost her hearing very young due to scarlet fever.

• As she progressed through her astronomy she was very prestegious as a women astronomer due to the fact that she was also deaf.

• Her discoveries are used still today as well as added to.
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