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2013 JSEA Colloquium: The Feedback Loop by John Damaso (Brophy College Prep)

This presentation will show how and why I use student surveys to supplement official evaluations, and conclude with the importance of incorporating student feedback into the reformulation of course curriculum, procedures, and pedagogy in general.

John Damaso

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of 2013 JSEA Colloquium: The Feedback Loop by John Damaso (Brophy College Prep)

How do students currently give feedback to teachers?
Year in Review Survey via Google Forms
Incorporating student feedback
"more grammar and SAT practice"
* "The other period said this test is SO hard."
* "All we do in that class is _____________."
* "That teacher never _____________."
* "That teacher only likes _____________."
* "No matter what I do or how I study, I can't _____________."
* "_____________ is so boring."
* "_____________ doesn't actually teach. They let the computer/book do the teaching."
* "_____________ really gets us."
* "_____________ is hilarious."
* "_____________ hates me."
The Feedback Loop:
Reflective Practice and Student Evaluations of Teachers
model reflective practice
encourage two-way transparency
increase student sense of efficacy
improve course long-term
Anonymous Feedback
Brophy Student Evaluation
why not
surveys are inherently flawed: questions too general, contradictory data, problem of word choice
ego -- we can dish it but can't take it
students' thoughtless jab could sabotage reputation of teacher
teachers fear that evaluations are tied to employment or compensation
What do you feel your instructor did particularly well in the teaching of this course?
What areas for growth or improvement do you feel your instructor can address in the teaching of this course?
John Damaso
Brophy College Prep
JSEA Colloquium 2013
St. Louis University
June 27, 2013
questions and reflection?
How do I customize the way students give me feedback in my courses?
How do I incorporate student feedback?
"plays that aren't Shakespeare"
"more ways to show what we've learned "
"certain assignments count for too much/too little"
"it's easy to forget when something is due"
"vocabulary is boring"
"The dignity of movement of an iceberg is due to only one-eighth of it being above water. "
- Ernest Hemingway, Death in the Afternoon
intention vs. perception
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