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Technology, Good or bad for the classroom?

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jasmine lewis

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Technology, Good or bad for the classroom?

Is technology good or bad for learning?
Use of technology in teaching and learning.
How is it affecting our children in the classroom?
In interviews, teachers described what might be called a “Wikipedia problem,” in which students have grown so accustomed to getting quick answers with a few keystrokes that they are more likely to give up when an easy answer eludes them. The Pew research found that 76 percent of teachers believed students had been conditioned by the Internet to find quick answers.

“They need skills that are different than ‘Spit, spit, there’s the answer,’ ” said Lisa Baldwin, 48, a high school teacher in Great Barrington, Mass., who said students’ ability to focus and fight through academic challenges was suffering an “exponential decline.” She said she saw the decline most sharply in students whose parents who allow them unfettered access to the internet.
Excerpt from response to "Digital Natives/Digital Immigrants" part 1.
The internet is such a huge homework helper and has made it difficult at times for teachers to distinguish from who’s actually doing their homework and getting the correct answers, and who's just getting the answers from the internet. The easy access to the internet can be a road block that inhibits some students from learning. You have some students who are honest and will tell their teacher that they were unable to complete a homework assignment because it was too difficult,but then you have some students who will abuse their right to easy internet access and copy all the answers from online, and hand in the assignment like they actually used their own brain to complete it.
Technology in the classroom video
After reading “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” I believe that their needs to be a way that intervenes today's technological advances and the traditional way that students use to learn. We shouldn’t completely disregard the times in which we learned by chalk and a chalkboard, but neither should we depend on today’s technological advances like smartphones and laptops to teach our kids also.
Excerpt from response to "Digital Natives/Digital Immigrants" part 1. (Conclusion)

Growing up in the 21st century with the high usage of technology has allowed me to develop a low attention span. Comparing my attention span to when teaching only involved a dry erase marker and a white board to the now frequently use of a Elmo board and smart phones, you will find a decrease. Learning with technology is the only way that I can learn and pay attention the entire time. When some of my older teachers try teaching with the dry erase markers and white boards, I find myself not paying attention to anything they're saying after a short period of time. Thanks a lot technology.
Excerpt from response to "Digital Natives/Digital Immigrants" part 2.
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Excerpt from New York Times article
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