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Who's living in your bedroom

No description

Sarah Clancy

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Who's living in your bedroom

Who Is Your Room Mate ? Vaccine: To inject a medicine to that prevents a certain disease. pg 21

Larvae: They are eggs that insects lay. pg 21 Carpet Crawlers Carpet crawlers are insects that eat dust from your carpet to survive. Female carpet crawlers lay their eggs usually in nests but some of them find their way through houses.They lay eggs as they think it is safe.Female Carpet crawlers lay about 100 eggs and it takes about a week to hatch. pg.31 Vocabulary Words Bed Bugs How to Clean out Carpet Crawlers You can clean out carpet crawlers by vacuuming your house every week. People who have carpet crawlers living in their house vacuum near the cracks as most carpet crawlers live there. Pg.22 How to get Rid of Bed Bugs Results After learning the information about these creatures from the book, I now think that even if there are small creatures they can be deadly such as bed bugs and carpet crawlers. By: Aaryan Redkar #22 You can get rid of bed bugs by spraying them with rubbing alcohol, covering cracks, spraying bug spray, removing eggs with a brush, and vacuuming house. Bedbugs are bugs that drink human blood for survival. Bedbugs are well hidden
in houses. They usually hide in cracks and under pillows.Adult bed bugs usually hide on animals so they can go place to place and even eat food. The food they eat is blood. A female Bed bug can lay up to 200 eggs. They usually lay them in cracks to stay safe. Pg.24 http://howtokillbedbugsz.com/what-are-bed-bugs/ www.123rf.com Bibliography http://www.how-to-getridof When I read the book ' What's living in your bedroom' by Andrew Solway it made me stay alert about bedbugs and carpet crawlers. I always felt was very clean but now I realized that I will never be alone. These bugs cannot be seen while I am sleeping but I will always know they are there.

Now every week I am going to tell my mom that I want her to vacuum my room so there will be no bedbugs or carpet crawlers. Feelings
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