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Culture of Africa

No description

Christian Hardy

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of Culture of Africa

Arab Diversity
Art & Music

Arab Diversity
Arab: a mixed ethnic group of people who speak Arabic language.

Arab people came into Africa across the sea and through the Sahara. They built big trade routes and settled in regions along the East coast of Africa.

The brought their language, religion, and culture to influence the region.
People enjoy traditional dance and modern ballet. The dances reflect emotions and stories.
Wood carvings, textiles, and carpets with geometric designs are part of the styles of northern Africa.

Carved masks, sculpture, and beautiful cotton gowns are important to show people what is important to them.
Music and Artist
Griots: storytellers who pass on the oral histories of their tribes or peoples.
Three people from African have received the Noble Prize for writing:
Wole Soyinka of Nigeria
Naguib Manfouz of Egypt
Nadine Gordimer of South Africa

Songs are viewed as a mode of communication

Filmmakers use literature to make movies about Africa to explode culture and heritage as well as current day issues.
Culture of Africa
Review Questions
How did the Bantu expansion influence other parts of Africa?

The Ashanti people believe their strength comes from what object?

The Bedouin people are nomads in search of?

What is different about the map of African in 1905
than current map?

What is animism?

What is wrong with the boarders of the African nations that the Europeans drew?

Where do the roots of the Swahili language come from?

Swahili follow a strict form of what religion?
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