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Land Acquistions

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Amber Gordon

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Land Acquistions

Louisiana Purchase
Thomas Jefferson paid France $15 million dollars for the Louisiana territory, nearly doubling the size of the United States at the time and gaining control of the Mississippi River and port in New Orleans.
Florida Purchase
The Florida purchase was a result of boundary disputes in the Louisiana territory between the US, Spain and Native Americans. Spain sold Florida to the US in exchange for $5 million dollars and a clear border at the 42nd parallel.
Annexation of Texas
Texas was annexed 9 years after the Texan War for independence from Mexico. At first the US did not want to annex Texas because it would upset the balance of free states and slave states. In 1845, Congress approved the annexation.
Oregon Territory Treaty
The treaty was a compromise between Britain and the US to set a border between the land claimed by Britain in Canada and land claimed by the US. The border was established at the 49th parallel and avoided another war.
Mexican Cession
The treaty that ended the war with Mexico and the US ceded Mexican territory (present day New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah) to the US for $15 million dollars. This gave the US access to ports on the Pacific coast.
Westward Expansion
Land Acquisitions
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