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Africans to the Caribbean

By:Abraham Fernandez

Abraham Fernandez

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Africans to the Caribbean

Africans to The Caribbean Important Statement The most important thing about the Africans to the Caribbean migration is that Africans were forced to go to the Caribbean as slave workers on sugar plantations by the Europeans, because they needed them to help in the cultivation of sugar and they had the Amerindians but they found out that the Africans were easily enslaved and were stronger and could endure hard labor. Type of Migration International Forced because they emigrated from Africa to the Caribbean without a choice of whether or not they wanted to go. Push and/or Pull Factors The main Pull Factor of bringing African slaves to the Caribbean was to have more plantation and/or factory workers.
The main Push Factor of bringing African slave to the Caribbean was war and famine. In these times of war and starvation, desperate families sold both children and adults.
Gravity Model There is no gravity model because the migration from Africa to the Caribbean was a forced migration. Intervening Obstacles and/or Opportunities The intervening obstacles were that a lot of slaves on
the boats got diseases or suffered from hunger. The opportunities were that once they were emancipated they could start a new life. Attitudes toward Immigrants They were happy to see all the immigrants come in because it means more workers to put on their plantation farms and factories. Rebellion The African slave population quickly began to outnumber the Europeans and Native Americans. The proportion of slaves ranged from about one third in Cuba, to more than 90% in many of the islands. Slave rebellions were common. As slave rebellions became more frequent, European investors lost money. The costs of maintaining slavery grew higher when the European governments sent in armed forces to quell the revolts. Chain Migration Most of the people who live in the Caribbean are African descendants of people who immigrated there set a good place to live for their descendants. Sources http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080406192300AAP40ax
Pictures Other Than Map Migration Stream Map THANKS FOR WATCHING
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