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Proactiv: Helpful or Harmful?

No description

Kaitlyn Fischer

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Proactiv: Helpful or Harmful?

Proactiv: Helpful or Harmful? Proactiv is a product developed by
two dermatologists to fight the causes
of acne in teens and adults. proactiv is used twice
daily, morning and evening. What is proactiv? it is a three step soap,
acetone, and moisturizer
system Proactiv in the Media Proactiv has a large variety
of commercials on teen based
tv channels such as
The N Proactive relys highly on
celebrities to sell their product
having a celebrity spokesperson
in almost every commercial Proactiv: Targeting Teen insecurity? Proactiv: Real Stories? Sure, it's obvious these people have
better skin but I find it a little funny
how in their after pictures the women
are all wearing makeup. A little
foundation and alot of skin impurities
are hidden. this girl didn't even
take a picture of her
acne area? this man didn't even
have acne to begin with? these girls should be comfortable
enough with their skin to not wear
makeup in their after pictures, if
proactiv worked so perfectly. "I used to suffer from a serious
acne condition and believe me
everybody noticed. I was embarassed" My reasoning for targeting proactiv
in this project is because when I was a
sophomore in high school, I tried the
system, and not only did it not work,
but it gave me a terrible rash across my
face that made my acne look even worse.
I feel proactiv's commercials are more
worried about letting teens know that
celebrities use their product, then warning
the user of the possible side effects. I feel
they should tell you more about the product
in the commercial than see Jessica Simpson
dance in a music video. Over all, I believe the
message Proactiv is sending is misleading to
consumers and should be changed.
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