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How will I use technology and computer assisted instruction to be a better teacher

How I plan to use the Web 2.0 tools (1) BLOGs; (2) Wikis; (3) YouTube Videos; (4) presentation software/PREZI; and (5) Podcasts as a future teacher.

asoncion racaza

on 3 September 2010

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Transcript of How will I use technology and computer assisted instruction to be a better teacher

A: Technology and computer assisted instruction
Web 2.0 tools!! Q: What would will I do to make my class more exciting to digital literacy of the 21st century students? Blogs Wikis presentation software My online tool to use as:
Electronic notebook or journals,
Learning journal,
Classroom discussions/forum
Classroom management (homework/assignments, hands out, etc),
Interactive newsroom, personal expression/communicating/writing, etc My student will use it as to upload, share, and view videos related with the subject I taught.
Uploads videos for my class and share videos in my lecture
Students Group work
Edit/create page within the wiki Web site
Topic linked between different pages/group by making page link creation
Uploads videos of my lectures for those who missed class
Share podcasts of other lectures/topic related subjects in my class blog
assigns them to do podcasts as one way of doing homework Create interactive presentation software (ex:prezi)
Add multimedia, videos/music
Utilize/Assign new ones so they can be expose to the varieties of it. Podcasts Web 2.0
tools What to Do? Future generation Imagination inteligence
technology Curiosity
creativity Teaching Classroom
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