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Ben Coe

on 1 June 2017

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Transcript of Immigration

International Migration to Australia
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The number of migrants that have come to Australia up to 2010 was 5,993,945 which is 26.8 percent of Australia's population. by the time 2050 comes around it is estimated that around about 1/3 of Australia's residential population will be from Overseas back grounds and have migrated.
A census in 2011 said that Australia's population is 23 million but is one of the worlds most culturally diverse populations. The majority of Australians where born in Australia but more than 75% of these people have ancestors in other countries.
How diverse is Australia's Population
Numbers of migrants
Anyone can migrate to Australia under certain conditions. Anyone wanting to enter Australia must sit and pass the Australian immigration test to be able to get hold of a visa. Once the examine has passed the test and has a visa they are now allowed to move to Australia. There are two visas people can apply for giving them permanent stay in a country and they are The Migration Program and The Humanitarian Program. Short term visas include working and skilled Visas, Studying Visas, Family ans spousal Visas, Refugee Visas and other Visas.
Who can migrate? Categories of migrants
Migration Impacts Australia in many ways, some of which are more severe than others but here a few ways migrants impact Australia.
Immigration poses a threat to Australia’s culture, Immigration affects job opportunity and minimizes Australians chance of getting employed. There are other factors like more housing space needing to be cleared out and an increase level of pollution.

Impacts of migration on Australia

What is multi-culturalism?

Multi-culturalism is when many different backgrounds of people come together and form one big group.
Immigration Timeline to Australia

Key points fro Video:
White Australia Policy has been taken down
45% of residence in Australia have family background of immigration
Australia s cracking down on who can come to Australia with a point system
Australian government have decided to turn around boats
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