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Bringing Fellowship Education

No description

Karin Fox

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Bringing Fellowship Education

New Expectations
New Tools

How do can we complete our educational

Karin A. Fox, M.D.
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
Tablets and smartphones are being increasingly used to access medical information and references in medical practice.

As modern educational approaches (problem based learning, social theory, constructivism) become engrained not only in adult but also in childhood education, we cannot expect our fellows to succeed in a purely didactic, "instructor-centered" environment.
Greater expectation to
incorporate technology in
all aspects of medicine
One hour didactic lectures from Faculty to Fellows
Time consuming to prepare
Recycled "canned" lectures easy
More "passive" for the learner
Assigned reading
May be more broad than the lecture
May or may not be performed in conjunction with the lecture
Easy to assign "too much" or "too little"
Honor system?
Attendance issues with such small groups?
Conflicting Duties
And be willing to try a new approach
For both faculty and fellows
Into the 21st Century
Bringing Fellowship Education
with Web 2.0 Tools
Tech-savvy Fellows
Faculty Clinical Responsibilities
Hands-on patient care
Fellows' responsibilities:
Clinical rotations
Clinical skills
Travel between sites
Research projects
Life & Work Events:
Sick/Maternity Leave

Get Creative
To facilitate active participation from fellows
and keep sessions interactive
"Flip" the classroom
Many tools are free
or low-cost for educators

Many allow control of security settings

Many tools for one purpose-find your fit!
Design the curriculum with flexibility and accountability in mind
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