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Random neural firings on facial hair

Jeremy Rhoades

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Mustache

So my wife says that my mustache smells "musty" Me: Steve, c'mere and smell my mustache! Me: Mark! C'mere and smell my mustache! Mark? Mark come back here! How exactly am I supposed to respond to that? a) You have offended my tender sensibilities and I will be spending
the remainder of the night on the couch... b) Offer to remove the offending 'stache with kerosene and a match if need be It's a good thing I'm shallow c) Enter into an exchange of ideas on proper mustache grooming Dr. Phil would be proud Steve: I'm not falling for that... It turns out that you shouldn't use regular soap
or shampoo to wash facial hair I read it on the internet so it must be true Unless of course I'm lying So my wife wants me to ask my coworkers about it.... ?! WTH Just how is that going to play out? again... Definition of MUSTY

a : impaired by damp or mildew
b : tasting of mold
c : smelling of damp and decay
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