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Woodlake Marine

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 15 November 2017

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Transcript of Woodlake Marine

Consistency + Frequency + Message = Market Share
Experienced team of sales and service professionals
Customer service. Established customer base.
Narrow focus makes Woodlake experts on all things boating.
Brand quality. Carry popular, trusted names in boating
Financing in-house
Short selling season.
Narrow product focus restricts potential customer base
Top-of-mind awareness
Increasing market competition
Consumer spending on big-ticket items
Competitions’ non-marine products (ATVs, snowmobiles)
Take advantage of where we are (Kenora)
Remind people of “the dream” during the off-season
Speak to consumer desires, not needs
More market share = More $ for you
Stay “top of mind” with local consumers
Heavy up during spring / summer
Make Woodlake Marine the preferred boat dealer in NW Ontario
Build the Woodlake brand

3x30 second commercials daily Monday to Friday, 6am-6pm
Feb 15th - September 30th 2016 = $14,355
4x30 second commercials daily Saturday and Sunday - American Top 40 sponsor
Annual starting October 2015 = $3,600
3 x 5-second tags daily, Monday – Sunday – Business Breakers
Annual starting October 2015 = $3,000
We will promote Woodlake over 2,100 times on-air in 13 months
Average of 150 commercials per month
Woodlake will be front and center on KenoraOnline.com 24/7, 365 days a year
Average of 50,000 ad views per month, 650,000 in 12 months!

Total Annual Investment of $28,155 (A value of $36,985)
Market Research
According to the World Tourism Organization Canadians spend an average of $951 per person on international travel every year
$14,595,948 spent on international travel in Kenora every year!
Market Research
Average annual household spending on recreation products and services: 3,992 (2013)
7,335 Households in Kenora
$29,281,320 being spent on recreation in Kenora every year!

LeaderBoard #2 on KenoraOnline Home Page (one of four rotations)
$600 per month, April - August 2016
LeaderBoard #3 on KenoraOnline News Page, one of four rotations
$300 per month for 12 months campaign

Total Annual Investment for KenoraOnline: $7,200
Total Investment of $20,955 (A value of $29,785)
Mix 96

2 x 30 second sales calls daily Monday to Friday, 6am- 6pm
Running February 19th - March 1st 2016

Total investment for Mix 96 : $544
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