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University Support Staff Study Group - Performance Review Subcommittee

No description

Terri Blessent

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of University Support Staff Study Group - Performance Review Subcommittee

Topic for Today:
Performance Evaluation
University Support Staff be evaluated using the process currently used for Unclassified Administrative and Professional Staff.
Method to assess job performance
University Support Staff with permanent status will continue to have the right to appeal a Performance Review
Sub committee recommendations:
What would change if we went
to University Support Staff:

A state mandated form and rating system, with associated regulations
Greg Parker
Irene Robinson

Feedback & Questions
other questions.....

Compensation & Benefits - Stacy Wolownik
Discipline & Protection - Sara Peak
Hiring, Layoffs & Furlough's - Donna Jacobs
Performance Review - Terri Blessent

What we currently have:
Appeal process:
3 member body: 1 USS employee who does similar work; 1 USS employee and 1 Unclassified employee appointed by HRS
After the hearing is complete, the committee has 14 calendar days to make a decision
The Appointing Authority has 5 calendar days to notify the employee of the committee's decision
1. Duties, Responsibilities & Competencies
2. Quantity of work
3. Quality of work
4. Client relationships/customer service
5. Teamwork
6. Communication skills
7. Initiative & Flexibility
8. Attendance
9. Use & Care of equipment, materials & other University resources
10. Safety
11. Service
12. Leadership
Unclassified Performance Evaluation:

There are 12 Performance Factors:
1. Meets or Exceeds Expectations
2. Needs Improvement
3. Unsatisfactory
4. Does not apply
There are 4 ratings:
Continue review period during
probationary employment
for new hires.
Employee provides written notification to HRS
for appeal within 7 calendar days after
the review is presented to the employee
Appeals Hearing begins
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