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Kirsten's Inquiry

No description

Melissa Valdivia

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Kirsten's Inquiry

Inquiry Question
How do I get my reading academy students to learn the vowel sounds in isolation and within words? Will their reading fluency improve as a result?
Learning Goals
Students will be able to
name the vowels
produce short vowel sounds
produce long vowel sounds
read nonsense words which include short vowel sounds and long vowel sounds with the silent e pattern
Indicators of Success
Student interviews
identification of vowels
production of short and long vowel sounds
Nonsense word test - CVC and CVCe
Dibels Test
Focal Students
Data Collection
Challenges and Obstacles
Assumed that students could name vowels, produce, and read short and long vowel sounds
Both language learners
Tried many different strategies - not clear which strategies worked
Movement of students in reading academy
What I learned and takeaways
Some students need more explicit instruction
Consistent practice and review to help solidify learning
Different strategies seemed to work for different students
Now I am wondering
Who are our kids in reading academy?
How many are language learners?
How many need or wear glasses?
Should each kid in reading academy have a vision test every year?
What role do speech issues play in learning sounds?
Vowel Sounds
by kirsten julin
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