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Social Conscience Education

Explore the "social conscience education" at Hong Kong International School

Michael Kersten

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Social Conscience Education

Journeys of Social Conscience: Dr. Marty Schmidt

Mr. Mike Kersten Humanities I in Action at Social Conscience a personal consideration of one’s role and responsibility in society in the context of an emotionally-engaged understanding of the world Desired Outcome Basic Obstacle Disconnectedness Basic Solution Connect! Curriculum Model Day 1: Global Inequality What do you
SEE? How do you
FEEL? What do you want to do? Day 1: Hong Kong Cage-Dwellers What do you
SEE? How do you
FEEL? What do you want to do? The Big Questions Are humans fundamentally GOOD or EVIL? Who is responsible for poverty: the POOR or the RICH? Is civilization in a state of PROGRESS or DECLINE? What is more important: the GROUP or INDIVIDUAL? SEMESTER EXAM ESSAY Given your study and experiences in Humanities I in Action, how has your worldview been expanded, challenged, deepened or influenced by this course?
To help yourself think through this question, you may want to ask yourself: how have my thoughts, feelings, and actions been affected by this course? Courses at HKIS Humanities I in Action
(Grade 9) Asian History in Action: Cambodia
(Grade 10-12) Service, Society, and the Sacred
(Grade 11-12) Roles of Social
Conscience Educator Spiritual Development from the self-understanding that comes from an exploration of the heart, the spiritual person develops an inner state of contentment and an alertness to the world, which leads to new connections with others and service to society Heroic Journey Ritual AQAL Hong Kong Context CURRICULAR UNITS
1. Intro: Worldview Matters!
2. Human Nature
3. Restorative Justice
4. Genocide
5. The Environment
6. Globalization
7. Solutions to Global Problems SERVICE EXPERIENCES
1. Ten (10) Hong Kong Outings
2. Chinese Orphanage Trip
3. Personal Action Project ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS:
Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?


Curricular study of Cambodia
Two (2) trips to Child Rescue Center My values and beliefs are heavily influenced by Chinese culture as I grew up in a traditional Chinese family. From a young age, my parents have taught me duties of being a Chinese daughter the way my grandparents have taught them and as a result these duties are a part who I am. However, these values and beliefs are constantly in conflict with the "third-culture" me. Attending international schools all my life and living in Vancouver for a brief period of time have inevitably assimilated western values into me and as a result, I constantlyfind myself struggling to balance the two cultures. For example, my brother who is a lot less westernized as I am argued that I should not spend my time serving others. He was against my participation in Service on Saturdays at school because he thinks I should be visiting my sick great-grandma instead of wasting time playing with little kids. I conveyed the many instanceswhen I feel that my Chinese upbringing is in disagreement with the western values. Quote from a Chinese student at HKIS (2011)
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