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Zheng He

No description

Grace Leo

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Zheng He

Zheng He was a famous Chinese admiral and eunuch who helped to spread culture throughout the world. He led seven voyages under the rule of Zhu Di during the Ming Dynasty. Zheng He CHINA 1371 Zheng He is born in Jinning during the Ming Dynasty Jinning Nanjing 1381
Zheng He is captured and taken to Nanjing where he met Zhu Di Zheng He's Seven Voyages Zheng He grows up as a close friend of the Prince, Zhu Di 1402 The Emperor dies and Zhu Di takes control Zheng He is appointed to Grand Envoy to lead voyages that would establish Chinese presence 1402 Zheng He's Ships - 317 ship fleet
- 28,000 crew men
- The treasure fleet Malacca 1407 Zheng He encounters the notorious pirate, Chen Zuyi Zheng He attacks and captures Zuyi. He is brought back to Nanjing. Champa Jiu-gang/Palembang Ceylon Calicut 1405 Zheng He and his crew members leave for their first voyage 1409 Zheng He arrives in Ceylon and believes he is on good terms with their king, Alagakkonara Zheng He and his men are surrounded on their way to the capital while their fleet is being raided This leaves the capital unguarded. Zheng He captures Alagakkonara and replace him with a supporter of the Ming Dynasty Zheng He dies somewhere at sea during his 7th journey 1433 Hormuz Mecca During his 7th voyage Zheng He visits Mecca. This shows that he is probably Muslim EAST AFRICA Somalia 1415 Zheng He receives a giraffe as a gift from the Sultan of Malindi This giraffe was the beginning of the first zoo in China. Zheng He is on good terms with Malacca, a major trading city His death marked the end of China's nautical journeys. After his 6th journey Zhu Di died and the Hongxi Emperor took over. He canceled the voyages. The Xuande emperor took over soon and ordered for a seventh voyage. 1431 Zheng He leaves for his 7th voyage Jinning is attacked by the Ming people and Zheng He's father is killed. 1381 The children are captured and castrated and become eunuchs Some believe Zheng He discovered the America's but that is untrue. He opened up routes to explore the Americas but did not travel there. Museum Exhibit A treasure ship Giraffe gifted to Zheng He Kangnido Map used by Zheng He Flag of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Copper Coin from Ming Dynasty Statue of Zheng He in China
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