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Fashion in the 1920's

No description

Jamal Torres-Wofford

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Fashion in the 1920's

Who influenced the 1920s Fashion?
The fashion style exploded shortly after WWI when increased money due to the booming of the Stock Market and new music and fashion where being introduced.
Men's Style of Clothing
Men's style of clothing back then in the 1920s was usually three piece suits with ties and Fedora Hats. Mobsters were big on this style of clothing back then and usually wore this style of suits daily.
Fashion in the 1920's
By: Alex Barrette
Benjamin Torres-Wofford

The fashion for the 1920s flourished in the middle class section all across the United States.
During a time period know as the

Woman back in these times usually wore long dresses with short hair and many different kinds of brilliant jewelry to shine out in a crowd.
Why was this style so Important?
Where it all Began!

Works Cited
Also the fashion during the 1920s was based on glamor and it was also the time when motion pictures and female actresses were popular.
It started to change the decade where long dresses and corset were the specific type of fashion that was worn.
What were they?
Who Where They?
Why where they so popular?
Flappers where essentially "party girls" and enjoyed many activities like driving, drinking, smoking, and going to parties where bright lights and flashing colors where everywhere.
Flappers where girls who usually entertained men at large parties for money and a good time, which would vary from doing daring stunts to simply relaxing in a pool at a grand party.
The flapper fashion took over the 1920s shortly after WWI. the short hair and bright jewelry with flashing colors became popular quickly during the Roaring Twenties
"The term 'Flapper' described women who flamboyantly flouted their contempt for what was back then deemed as societal behavior that was conventional."
- http://www.thedandy.org/home/flappers-and-the-roaring-20-s
Jean Patou was a new French designer who began making new styles of two piece clothing.
Al Capone
His real name was Alphonse Gabriel Capone, an american gangster who led a prohibition era crime syndicate.
He was popular for smuggling and bootlegging liquor and other illegal activities like prostitution in Chicago around the 1930s.
Al Capone suffered from mental and physcal deterioration from late stage "neurosyphilis". And then died from a stroke.
Al Capone
Born: January 17, 1899
Died: January 25, 1947
Coco Chanel
Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, a french fashion designer and founder of the brand Chanel. She was the only designer to appear on time magazines list of the 100 most influential people.
1920s Fashion Girls
2012-2013 Fashion Girls
1920s Fashion girls were much different then they were back then than they are today.
Today fashion girls not only mode are put in magazines, they do not substitute themselves for prostitution like the Flappers back in 1920s, today most women who do such things do not exactly Model to express fashion like back in the 1920s.
Flappers wore feathered head dresses during most parties in order to be seen from a distance. Most of these headdresses that the Flappers wore consisted of feathers, beads, jewels and colorful threads.
The original sign of these head dresses came from the Native Americans, also known as Indians, the chieftains of an Indian tribe would often wear a large head dress decorated with Eagle Feathers or or animal furs.
Did you know that Flappers often participated in extreme dares that most men now a days would never dream of doing.
Did you know that during the 1920s after the introduction of the sewing machine that could be brought to your home, exploded the rate of production for women's clothing causing more fashion styles and less money being spent on already made popular products.
Did you know that Jean Patuo was one of the first designers to brand his initials in his clothing and sports wear gear?
Did you know that Coco Chanel introduced the long chain look that included pearls and jewelry for flappers to wear on their head dresses or wrists and even arms and necks?

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