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Minecraft For School: Why it should happen, why it's a smart choice, and what can this teach?

Here I go through the many ways Minecraft can be used in school*. *Some reasons are Edu mod exclusive!

Chase Floyd

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft For School: Why it should happen, why it's a smart choice, and what can this teach?

Let's go over what you learned! R#3 R#1 R#2 S#1 Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Why should this happen? Well although most children classify it as "Video Game", which it is at heart, this sandbox game has many colorful, 8-bit, and blocky ways to help students super-size their creativity and problem-solving skills, heck even tests can be made with a little creativity, bedrock, and signs. How is this a smart choice? One word, MODELS, math models to represent math problems or graphs, and Historical Models an assignment could be for a child to recreate a historical invention and to make it work perhaps a giant light bulb? Minecraft Pocket Edition Androids, and Iphones both have one thing in common, what? you might ask, well look on your appstore search Minecraft PE Demo there should be a free demo of the game in it's pocket port, although the pocket edition is limited on blocks and the demo keeps you on Creative mode you should be able to get the basic idea of the game. Still not convinced? Well then we'll have to speak smart phones! And that's not even all of it!
Check minecraftinschool.pbworks.com for more ideas! Science! Don't worry science teachers, you're not left out! An idea for you Science Teachers could be to show an example of the life cycle of animals by having the children catch a certain animal, build a habitat for it and ask them to keep track of it's lifestyle, eating, and size*
*Or you could spawn an egg of a amphibian or spawn a baby animal at the child's Minecraft Home. Minecraft in School:
Why it should happen, Why it's a smart choice, and what can this teach? Well Reading teachers now it's your time to get some ideas for Minecraft! You could build an adventure map that to finish it the child is required to read the signs placed around. Teaches problem solving skills, and greatly increases Children's creativity! MODELS! Pocket Edition! Adventure Maps
Life Cycle Examples Math Time!
Scales and graphs can be made in amazing 8-bit 3D to help teach certain mathematical skills!
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