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What Stains Teeth the Most Tea, Coffee, or Coke?

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Alanood Alkaifi

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of What Stains Teeth the Most Tea, Coffee, or Coke?

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After conducting this experiment I came to conclusion that all the substances tested on have a negative impact on the humane teeth, however some more then others. Testing on tea it seems like it gives the most color to the egg shells. Coffee seemed to also leave a rich color on the egg shells, but not as much as the tea. And lastly the coca cola seemed to have a discoloration to the shell but it also left spots and stains on the shell that had a darker color than the rest of the egg shell. Furthermore, the tea had the most effect on the egg shell then the coffee and the coke. In addition, after the experiment I came to realize that the texture of the egg shells after being in the liquids for
24 hours
had changed. They became a little harder and rougher than their original state.Even the sound of the egg shells had changed when you tape on their surface. Adding on an accident occurred. One of the shells that had tea tested on them dropped and almost half of it broke. That gave me an idea to test the strength of the egg shells. I held the other egg shells to the same spot as the other one and did a drop test. I can now say that the tea egg shell was the weakest one because when I had dropped the coca cola one and the coffee one they had less damage.The coca cola shell had only cracked very little from its bottom. The coffee shell did not have any damage to it at all. This reveals that tea unlike coca cola and coffee can do more damage to your teeth. It will give you discoloration and even make your teeth weak.

1. Fill three separate large cups with coffee, tea, and coke.(Make sure that the drinks have cooled down to room temperature)
2. Put 2 hollowed-out eggshell into each glass container.
3. Fish the 6 eggs out of each cup after the planned time and set them out by the liquid they were kept in.
4.Observe if any of the eggs have any discoloration.
Then compare which egg has been stained/colored the most.
5.Record results.

What effect does tea, coffee, and coca cola have on our teeth?
This topic intrigued when I first seen it on science project experiments website because I try to take good care of my teeth and I hope to find ways to prevent them from damage and harm .
Title/ Interest

What Stains Teeth the Most Tea, Coffee, or Coke?
Alanood Alkaifi

Doing this experiment I hope to find the Liquids that have a negative effect on our teeth and once we do that hopefully we will be able to stay away from them.
1. Eggs, hollowed out.
2. Coffee- Nescafe (classic)
3. Tea- Lipton Tea
4. Coke- Coca-cola
5.Three large glass cups
6. knitting/sewing needles

Coke, coffee, and tea will stain teeth the same because they all have a form of sugar and caffeine in them.

Tea will stain the teeth the most because of the amount of tannin in the tea, therefor staining teeth.

The coffee will stain the teeth the most because it has a natural dark brown coloring, therefor staining the teeth.

Coke will stain teeth the most because it has the most chemical products, sugar, and has a brown food coloring therefore making the teeth stain.


Investigation Design
Iv: The drinks being used.

DV: Which egg is stained the most.

Constants: amount of drink, the time, environment/temperature.
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